How to Have a Perfect Boudoir Photoshoot

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Have you been enviously admiring your friend’s boudoir photo sessions from afar? If you are getting married soon, you may be considering having your own boudoir session. In either case, this post is for you! Today we are talking about how to have the perfect (ahem- and most flattering!) boudoir photo shoot ever. We will also learn a bit about the art of boudoir photography and how it all started. Let’s begin.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is the art of  sexy, smoking hot photos. It's taking the time to invest in yourself and create a tangible memory that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Boudoir photos are not smut, but more a classy-artistic opportunity for you to look and feel amazing. 

What To Wear, What to Wear

This question tortures women everywhere on a daily basis. Now add the stress of a photo shoot where the entire point is looking fantastically-sexy and it’s not hard to image panic setting in. Don’t worry. We got you. But first, we need to get real about body image.

Feeling Sexy

Tons of women have been known to love boudoir photography. They totally want to have their own shoot, but, you know, after they lose 20lbs. Or join a gym. Or (fill in blank with almost any answer).

There will always be something you wish you could change. Longer hair, softer elbows…
Here is the truth. You look great, today, right now- just as you are. All those imperfections and parts you wish you could tweak here and there? All of that can be strategically played down when working with a professional photographer. That’s what they do! It’s their job, literally, to make you look great. They know the angles, the lighting and all the tricks in the book.

Trust your photographer. If I just described your own fears about taking boudoir photos, set up a call with a photographer whose work you adore; and tell them your worries! Afraid of looking “fat”? There are camera angles and editing to glorify all your most sexy assets! All while minimizing the areas you might love, just not love enough to make front and center.

Clothes Can Be Sexy

Now that we’ve gotten the fear out of the way, let’s talk outfits. This is the fun part!
Boudoir demands a sexy outfit. Don’t confuse Boudoir with nudity- although, there are plenty of women who opt to take nude photoshoots- boudoir is all about the outfits. The allure, the tease…showing a bit of skin, but not too much. You have a range of options.

Corsets are a boudoir favorite and with good reason. They accentuate all the right areas, while "pulling it all in" and making you appear slimmer. This overbust corset above is girly, feminine and playful. It's not hard to imagine stretching out on a gorgeous backdrop and feeling beautiful while you wear it. 

If you choose to wear a corset to your boudoir photo shoot there's an endless amount of pairing options. Fishnets, hosiery, thongs, boyshorts...whatever your favorite bottoms might be- will seamlessly compliment your outrageous curves. 

This option above, a bustier babydoll, offers a number of benefits. First, the bracup top gives extra support and lift for some serious cleavage. Besides keeping the girls looking great, the loose flowy bottom can squash fears of having to show your tummy. This is a great option for a new mom, or any woman who prefers to hide the tummy. 

Another option is to wear a teddy. This red sheer bodysuit teddy offers peek-a-boo slits, but still provides coverage for a little mystique. While choosing a teddy to wear may seem like the "one and done" option, you still have some important choices to make when it comes to your outfit. Which brings me to our next topic, accessories. 


We all know no outfit is complete without a little flare, here and there. Here are a few accessories to add that little something extra to your shoot:

  • Crazy super-high heels. You know the kind. Those gorgeous ones from the magazines that you wonder allowed, "How does anyone walk around in those?"  What better time to try them out and make your legs look fantastic, then a boudoir shoot. After all, no walking is required. 
  • Jewelry. Listen, you aren't going to be taking beautiful photos of yourself everyday, so if ever there was a time to buy those perfect teardrop earrings you've been eyeing- its now. Choose light jewelry like delicate bracelets. Consider not wearing a necklace as to keep your decolletage (aka: the cleavage) free to be the star of the show.   

Where to Take Your Photos

Choosing where you take your photos may depend on the photographer you choose. Some boudoir photographers have their own lovely, romantic, and comfortable studios. Others, however, can arrange to take your boudoir photos in your own home. A third option, is renting a luxury hotel room for the afternoon. You can scout out locations ahead of time, by checking hotel photos online. 

Above all else, you need to be comfortable and able to relax. Your photographer may have the lights and the camera, but if your all stiff and hate the environment its going to show in the final product. 

The History of Boudoir

The word boudoir comes from a French word that means; sulking. It was adopted as the name of French ladies dressing rooms. These rooms were grand, luxurious spaces where a lady could hang out, get dressed and take her time enjoying the art of "getting ready". 

Swoon. We should all be so lucky to have one of these rooms. 
Years ago, women used boudoir photography to advertise. In the 1920s-1940's a number of starlets kept the boudoir trend going strong. Stars like Mae West and Clara Bow are two of the most beloved boudoir stars of all time. 
By the 1950's the pinup craze was in full force, and boudoir took a backseat for a few years. But...
Women have never stopped loving looking sexy- and so the art has lasted the test of time. 

Wedding Boudoir

Boudoir photography was also used in the past, as a gift to a fiance. This trend has made a comeback in a huge way. Today boudoir wedding shoots are extremely popular. So much so, that wedding boudoir photographers often book out months in advance, much like the service photographer. 

If you aren't sure what to get your finace as a wedding gift, trust me when I tell you- he will love a boudoir photo album. You will win the "best wife" award before you can even say, "I do." 

Nothing says blushing bride, like a white corset. This piece is complete with all the frills, lace, and ribbons. It is a perfect choice for a pre-wedding shoot. 

Like the old saying says: ...something borrowed, something blue. This blue satin overbust corset with black lace trim is sure to bring you all the good luck you need on your special day. 

Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her big day. There's no reason not to start feeling like royalty before the wedding. This beauty has steel bones, a sweetheart neckline, side zipper, and premium sequins. You are guaranteed to feel like the sexiest woman alive wearing this. Your fiance will agree. 

Hair and Makeup

Last but certainly not least; hair and makeup. For your special day if your photographer doesn't offer a hair and makeup professional, be sure to book your own. While you may be able to do your everyday makeup perfectly, a professional makeup artist knows what looks good on camera. 

So, what do you think? Are you ready for your own boudoir photoshoot? You deserve it girl! Now go take some great photos! We are always available here at Atomic Jane to help you choose the perfect outfit- so don't be afraid to reach out with any questions to





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  1. Jessica@AtomicJane January 24, 2016

    Hey Crystal- That’s a great question. Have you had a chance to check out our corset and lingerie selection? We ship to Arizona :)

  2. Sue January 24, 2016

    those are cute. inspired to try this. love the last one, in white :)

  3. Celeste Choi January 21, 2016

    Now, this is what I am talking about. I need to take some photos like these. I love love love corsets, they are truly sexy on us women. I think my hubby would like it. ;) Thanks for sharing

  4. Diane January 20, 2016

    This would make a great bridal shower gift (gift certificate for the bride to have a shoot).

  5. Crystal January 20, 2016

    Where can I find a place that will have outfits for me to wear or for me to come in dressed accordingly in Arizona for the photoshoot?

  6. Jessica@AtomicJane January 20, 2016

    Hi Lakisha- There are a ton of different styles. Something for everyone

    Hey Erin. That’s awesome! I’m sure your sister has a great time while she’s photographing the women too.

    What’s up KD- Isn’t it awesome?

    Thanks for stopping by Heather Marie! Thank you so much for the compliment.

    Stevie on the Move- Glad you liked them :)

    Theresa S- There’s no day like today lol. But seriously, it’s hard not to feel like a queen with your own beauty and photography team ready to make you into a stunning work of art.

  7. lakisha January 19, 2016

    So many options to choose from, makes it very easy to find the right fit for every body type.

  8. Erin January 19, 2016

    I love that more women are doing this! My sister does this as part of her business and it’s been amazing to watch the business grow.

  9. KD January 19, 2016

    I love that women actually do this.

  10. Heather Marie January 19, 2016

    Im in love with your site!!

  11. Stevie on the Move January 18, 2016

    Nice pictures! :)

  12. theresa s January 18, 2016

    Maybe one day. It looks like so much fun and the photos are always gorg!

  13. Jessica@AtomicJane January 18, 2016

    Hi Everyone :)
    Love that there are so many inspired ladies reading! Corsets are very forgiving, it’s almost impossible to not look fantastic wearing one. I hope you all get the chance to try one out in your own boudoir shoot someday.

  14. Elizabeth Edgar January 17, 2016

    Sounds fun! I’d love to do a shoot like this!

  15. Jordyn January 17, 2016

    I’ve been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot in the near future as a gift for my fiance, but also for myself. Thanks for the great advice! It makes it easier to know what to expect moving forward.

  16. Kathleen January 17, 2016

    Thanks for the tips.Love the pink & black one.

  17. Debra Schroeder January 17, 2016

    Great tips – this will come in handy for a Valentine’s gift for the hubby.

  18. Misty January 17, 2016

    Always wanted to do one, then I had a baby and health problems. I am just now getting to a place where I am ok with my body while still working on it to be healthier. One day I do plan to do one for my husband!

  19. marleen January 17, 2016

    I love the idea of Boudoir photosoots! I think they are awesome and very empowering aswell

  20. Marielle Altenor January 16, 2016

    I wish I could rock a corset for a boudoir photo shoot! ! I do NOT have the body shape for these lol

  21. Shannon January 16, 2016

    I have never thought of wearing a corset as casually as Ariana Grande does with jeans- that is brilliant- and so pretty! I’m in love with her look, the wedding versions, and Scarlett O’hara’s. Great post! Thanks for the style inspiration.

  22. Sheena January 16, 2016

    Looks like you do really nice work!

  23. Maureen January 16, 2016

    Great photos!

  24. Ana January 16, 2016

    I love that is becoming such a popular trend, I think it is a great gift!

  25. Nikki January 15, 2016

    My hubby would LOVE that! :)