The Steampunk Wedding Party And a Bit of Steampunk History To Inspire You

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Has anyone noticed the Steam Punk Wedding is finally getting the recognition it deserves and no longer just a "trend"? We're pretty excited about it and think it makes plenty of sense.

Steampunk style incorporates classic, Victorian, vintage, and fantasy all boiled down into a sci-fi paradox that screams, "hey, this is what the past could have looked like, in the future" or better known as retro-futuristic.

Oh, and sometimes there are goggles involved, but they aren't required. All of these influences are excellent motifs for the unique-modern wedding. Most importantly, it's fun and that's really the most important part to add to the big day. 

I know, I already love it and want us to get to the good stuff.

 * One more small note before we get into it, the answer is, yes, a future blog is dedicated especially for the bride (because it's her day and because, yeah, she's the bride – and deserves her own post).

The Steampunk Bridesmaid

A Steampunk wedding means there is a wedding party to dress! This piece is a perfect choice for a bridesmaid. 

The corset features a black trim keeping its style a little bit edgy, but the grey lightens things up. The lace overlay brings a touch of romance to the special love-filled occasion and the belt will tie the outfit together; no matter what bottom piece is decided on.  Here are a few ideas if you are thinking, "ok, but what should be worn as a bottom?".

Think of adding a black tulle skirt (long or short) or add other elements of your wedding décor into the bridesmaids look. Are you having velvet tablecloths or a touch of leather in your place settings? Use the fabric and colors you have already planned for the occasion as some inspiration to pull this look completely together.

Um, That Looks Great On You!

Pictures are one of the best parts of a wedding. The memories are captured and of course, there is the social media sharing – after all, if you are having a Steampunk wedding, that is way too fantastic not to post online. But, when photos are being taken from every angle by guests and professionals it means a little too much "holding your breath and standing up straight" or else end up tagged in a photo from a bad angle.

We have all been there with that, "OMG how could you take that picture of me and put it on Instagram" feeling. Trust me, having a corset on means this won’t happen.

More Ideas for Steampunk Weddings

Here is another piece that can be used for some inspiration that is also a beautiful choice for a bridesmaid. This brown corset has sleeves so there is a little more coverage and the Victorian design overlay keeps it feminine to balance the metal.

And your bridesmaids are going to look good. Really good.

We carry a wide range of sizes so all of your friends are covered in that department, and by nature, corsets are made to "pull it all together," meaning, those photos we mentioned, are going to rock!

Can I Wear This Again...Tomorrow?

The best part about wearing a corset is the fit. Have you heard that old cliché that refers to buying a bridesmaid dress that looks awful, the women dislike, and even worse, that it will never be worn again? That simply does not apply when half your outfit is a Steampunk corset!  Pieces can be incorporated into an everyday look by pairing with jeans or a skirt.

Welcome To The Wild-Wild Steampunk West

Steampunk is fantasy, and yes, it is often a sci-fi fusion of time periods, but some Steampunk has a “western- about to conquer the last frontier” feel to it. Let's talk a bit about the style elements and how the western appeal is involved in the whole package. Who knows? It might bring some additional wedding decorating ideas.

A Bit Of Steamy History

This cross-over into the Wild West makes plenty of sense, considering that the Victorian influence in Steampunk style, references a time period- which runs approximately 1837-1901. Within that time period, some of the larger historical events that occurred also happen to contribute elements of Steampunk couture. 

The Industrial Revolution period occurred in 1750 through 1840. This super-fast urbanization pushed workers from the farms to the factories where they were surrounded by deadlines (enter the pocket watch and clock motif), metal (can we say "gears" anyone?) and of course, jobs like welding where stuff flying at your face all day, meant using some eye protection (Goggles, we knew you would show up eventually!)

The use of steam power exploded during the Industrial Revolution. Steam powered railways were built and used to transport workers and materials. The use of steam-powered boats and ships increased dramatically to assist with the growing need for transportation and of course, there were also whole steam powered factories. The   introduction of steam-powered machinery is what put the “Steam" in that "Punk".

...and at the same time...

14k Solid Gold Rush Style

Throughout history there have been many gold rushes and  in the United States between 1799 and early 1900s, some  of the major ones included the Klondike Gold Rush which  brought more settlers to our newest state Alaska, and  most notably, the California Gold Rush that began in 1848  and lasted until about 1855. Populations exploded with  new settlers who wanted to cash in on "The American  Dream".

Saloons, Ragtime and Corsets (Oh MY!)

A gold miner's life was not easy. What better way to relax and forget all your gold mining worries, than a visit to the saloon. The imagery of a vested bartender, donning a handlebar mustache may come to mind, but don't forget the music. This was ragtime territory!

Imagine this: corseted ladies, sitting at a dusty piano, playing everyone's favorite song while shooting whisky. Perhaps whisky shots might replace the champagne toast at your Steampunk wedding? Just a thought. 

Underbust Corsets: Formal, Western, and Fabulous.

Now that we have left the history lesson, and hopefully sparked some ideas and future Pinterest boards, (check out what we've got going on over at Pinterest here) for planning your big day, let's get back to bridesmaids.

This last piece, a brown underbust with buckle accents is extremely versatile, and here's why. An underbust, by design goes, well, it goes under your bust! Something needs to be worn underneath it and that something could be the more traditional or simple bridesmaid's dress. Adding an underbust is a nice option for the wedding that "loves Steampunk" but wants only a few key elements.

What makes this piece even more fun is it can be thrown on with jeans, a tank, and a pair of boots and I promise you are going to impress. 

I hope we have been able to give you some ideas about your wedding or any formal affair where you would like to incorporate Steampunk couture. If you have any questions about sizes or need help choosing the perfect piece, you can always email me at or contact our customer service at support@atomicjaneclothing



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