How To Spice Up Your Love Life: 5 Easy Ways!

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Photo by Ron Lach

Is your love life getting you down? If so, you're not alone. That feeling of newness and excitement in the bedroom can be hard to maintain, and most of us are not immune to the feeling of falling into a rut at some point or another!

But we have (at least 5 things) you can do to really amp up that space between the sheets. Time to spice up your love life in a big way!

We've gathered together a short list of our 5 greatest and sexiest tips on how to take your love life to the next level - we could all use a little extra spice!

 1. Send a sexy message. A simple but effective move, a sexy message when unexpected can make such a difference in the excitement and anticipation between you and your partner.

Whether it be a naughty text or a little note left on the fridge, this sexy and confident move will have you both feeling that little extra excitement through the element of surprise. 

2. Rise and shine. Can you actually think of a better way to start the day? A big part of falling into a love life rut can do with the monotony of your daily routines.

Switching things up and enjoying each other during a time when you would normally be focusing on the daily grind will make the two of you feel more spontaneous and really remember how much you can't get enough of each other!



spice up your love life


3. Update those undies. Been wearing that same t-shirt and shorts to bed for awhile? Although you look super sexy in whatever you wear, switching up your lingerie will not only drive your partner crazy, it will make you remember how much of a knockout you truly are - a gift for both of you!

One of our absolute favorite types of lingerie pieces here at Atomic Jane are pieces with cut outs. Whether it be down below or up above, this sexy show of skin will leave anyone weak in the knees.

To give you a little nudge in the right direction, take a look at this beyond sexy one piece cut out from our collection, just one of the pages and pages of sexy lingerie pieces that we offer!

Click here to see more sexy lingerie or click on the image below to be taken to its purchase page.


Atomic Black Lace Cut-Out Bust PVC Teddy


4. Do a little dance. Now that you look the part, make your partner really drool by getting to watch you work your magic with your moves. They will most likely not be expecting this, and taking the time to put on a little show will have you both crazy with anticipation!

Not only will it excite your partner, but you will be surprised at how sexy and confident it will make you feel. Spice up your love life one twirl at a time!

 5. Role play. Our last (but certainly not least) tip to help you spice up your love life is incorporating a healthy dose of fantasy into the mix!

Getting outside of yourselves and being transported into another time and place will bring an element of unfamiliarity and excitement to the bedroom that you didn't realize you were missing!

Role play will allow you both to tap into your wildest fantasies, exploring sides of each other that you haven't gotten to experience before.

It will be up to the two of you to decide what you're into, but at Atomic Jane we have more than enough role play options to really get you going, a little taste of which we've included below!

We love costumes for the bedroom that mix sexiness and strength, a combination that will leave you feeling like the vixen that you truly are.

Click on the image below to be taken to its purchase page on our website, or click here to check out our full line of costumes perfect for role play!



Atomic Blue and Black Sergeant Costume 

Now that you've spiced up your love life....time to reap the benefits! These 5 little tips and tricks for inviting some unexpected excitement back into the bedroom are guaranteed to bring you more satisfaction, both of you!

So go ahead, try one (or all of these sexy tips) and just see where it takes you. We feel sure you'll see that rut in the rearview mirror.

We hope that these tips have inspired you, and we would love to hear any of your tips to spice up your love life in the comments below! As always, please feel free to contact us at with any questions or comments, and head over to our website to check out all of the sexy new things we have in store.

Happy shopping, Atomic Fans!

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