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Burlesque Is Back! The Burlesque Corset Takes Center Stage

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Burlesque Fashion Burlesque Corset


Having retaken center stage in recent years, Burlesque is back, and one of the hottest it's ever been! This can be attributed to a myriad of reasons, (a star performance by Lady Christina above being arguably one of them), but its association with female empowerment and body positivity are huge factors in the resurgence of this beautifully seductive art form!

Although Burlesque has always been at the forefront of our hearts and minds here at Atomic Jane, its incredible comeback has welcomed a huge new crowd of enthusiasts to the movement.

To the curious and Burlesque-hungry newbies: Atomic Jane is here for you and we're incredibly excited to inspire you to dig deeper into your exploration of Burlesque fashion (just keep reading!)

Burlesque fashion is in a league entirely of its own and its most special elements can be applied and incorporated into various aspects of our lives, whether it be pulling together that perfect outfit for a costume party, spicing up your life in the bedroom, or adding a super-sexy element to day or nighttime wear!
Conveniently enough, we have loads of stunning Burlesque-inspired pieces on our website, with all of the most vital Burlesque fashion elements.
Get comfy and come with us on a journey through the history of Burlesque as we explore just what makes this art form so special and the three most important elements of Burlesque fashion to keep in mind as you take your obsession to the next level: your closet!
Let's go, Vixens!


Some Cool Burlesque History Tidbits That You Should Know...

 Burlesque Fashion Burlesque Corset

Victorian Age Burlesque

Though most often associated with the strip tease, Burlesque actually began in the Victorian age in London as a performance art form based solely around parody and humor.

Just like the parodies we know and love today (think SNL), Burlesque took the most popular themes in culture and poked fun at them while making them flashier, louder, and unbelievably entertaining.

This concept was wildly cutting-edge at the time and didn’t take long to catch fire across the pond in none other than NYC in the mid-1800s! Burlesque pushed boundaries, dropped jaws, and shook societal norms by questioning the traditional role of women and empowering them to be the strong, independent, and sensual beings that they are! (Amazing, right?)

It wasn’t until the 20th Century that Burlesque really transformed into the comedy/performance art/strip tease form that it is today, allowing the audience to tap into fantasy and to escape into the mesmerizing world of Burlesque during every stunning performance.

Burlesque has had a huge place in culture throughout every decade of the 20th Century with a notable resurgence in the 1990s, often referred to as the "Neo-Burlesque" that continues to shake us today!


 The 3 Most Important Burlesque Fashion Elements...

Burlesque Fashion Burlesque Corset
Burlesque Elements On The Runway

As we said before, Burlesque fashion doesn't need to be just this thing you fantasize and obsess over....incorporate it into your life!
With our rich inventory of jaw-dropping Burlesque-inspired pieces, there is absolutely no reason for you to not be living out every single one of your fantasies.
Before you take the plunge and add Burlesque fashion to your life in a big way, we have outlined a few of the major elements of Burlesque fashion that we think you should know, understand, and adore!
1. The Burlesque Corset
The absolute biggest staple in Burlesque fashion is the Burlesque Corset. As Burlesque first took center stage in the Victorian Age, it only makes sense that the corset, the biggest fashion element at that time, would have a huge part in shaping the aesthetic of the art form.


Say hello to one of our favorite Burlesque corsets, the Atomic Black Satin Burlesque Overbust Corset! All of the sexiest elements of Burlesque fashion are represented here and it is just oozing with femininity.

From the sweetheart top to the sexy black satin bodice and the bow embellishments, this piece is an absolute dream. Take this home as a perfect starter corset to your Burlesque corset collection for only $49 and in sizes S-2XL!


2. The Burlesque Set

The next Burlesque fashion element that's an absolute must to any Burlesque-obsessed vixen is the Burlesque Set!

This combines the magic of the corset with an equally as stunning corresponding piece and can come in many different shapes and sizes, leaving so much room for your personality and preferences to shine through.

We've highlighted a couple of our favorite styles here for you to drool over and be inspired by!


Let's start out with our Atomic Black Burlesque Inspired Corset and Skirt Set! This is an ode to the Victorian era and the tiered Hi-Lo design of the skirt is so incredibly flirty and tantalizing.

The black lace detail is carried throughout the skirt as well as the bodice and its lace-up front and loose, strappy shoulders are totally irresistible.

Does this style tickle your fancy? Click on the photo above to find this piece for $89, in sizes S-2XL, on our website!


Next up is one of our favorite style of sets, our Atomic Two Piece Leopard Lover Burlesque Corset With Tutu! This adorable, strapless, leopard corset has a soft, sweetheart bust line, three small bows in front for added detail, and a delicate, triple layered, ruffle lace trim over the bust. 

We absolutely love the flirty playfulness of the tutu and think that it's one of the most undeniably Burlesque styles that you can choose.

Pair with a sexy pair of heels and watch as you instantly channel your inner-most tease!

Click on the photo to have a closer look. Then take it home for $89 in sizes S-XL!




Although similar to the sassy leopard set, our Atomic Purple Burlesque Overbust Corset with Pettiskirt is too dang beautiful to not share! Drool over its soft layers of black ruffle tulle trim and its beautiful black satin accent bows in front.

This is one of our favorite colors of Burlesque fashion: deep, rich purple. Can you get any sexier than this?

Click on the stunner above and take it home with you for only $79 in sizes S-2XL!


4. The Burlesque Accessories

Last but absolutely not least, we can't emphasize enough the importance of accessories in creating true Burlesque fashion magic!

This is really where you get to have all of your sassy, sexy fun and the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to spicing up your ensemble.

Let's go through a few of the absolute sexiest Burlesque accessory options to get inspired!


 The Burlesque Topper

How fun is this accessory? Toppers are one of our favorite Burlesque fashion accessories, having the ability to instantly turn any outfit more playful, flirty, and sexy!


Say hello to our Blue Feather Top Cap! All of these details and layered materials are to-die-for and by clicking on the sassy little piece above you can purchase it on our website for only $18.99. Take a look at all of our other adorable toppers here and explore the possibilities!

The Burlesque Petticoat

Maybe you already have that perfect corset in mind and are looking for its match? Or you're looking for the flexibility of styling that the Burlesque Set just doesn't give you? Sounds like the Burlesque Petticoat is the perfect purchase choice for you!


How sexy is our Atomic Black Tiered Embellished Petticoat? Filled to the brim with beautiful details, this Burlesque fashion statement features a small black bead embellishment, a five layered tiered back, and a super flirty short-skirted front.

This could be the final touch to your sexiest Burlesque fantasy! Click on the photo above to purchase for only $45 in S-2XL. 

The Burlesque Stockings

What is sexier than a pair of thigh-high stockings? Not much, is what. Stockings are arguably the sexiest element to the Burlesque ensemble and an element that's so fun to play with while building your Burlesque fashion wardrobe.



Feast your eyes on our ridiculously sexy, Atomic White Fishnet Thigh High Stockings! Slip these on and give your look that final boost it needs to send your flirtiness through the roof. This is one of our favorite pairs and you can click on the image above to be taken to our website to purchase for only $15!

Interested in more options? Click here to see all of the playfulness that we have in store!


Time To Live Out Your Wildest Burlesque Fantasies... 

There you have it, ladies! A little taste of all of the magic that went into making Burlesque and Burlesque fashion all that they are today as well as a solid foundation for you to build your Burlesque wardrobe around!

Burlesque is all about fun, individuality, and self-empowerment, so enjoy every part of making this fantasy a reality and make it completely your own!

You are a powerhouse and a goddess and your Burlesque attire should reflect all of these beautiful parts of you.

Head over to our website and see all that we have in store for you and your Burlesque dreams.

As always, please contact us at for any comments or questions about this post or anything in general!

Until next time, happy shopping Atomic Babes!

Steel Boning 101: FAQs!

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Steel Boning 101


We receive a lot of questions about steel boning. So, we've decided to create a one-stop-shop where all of your questions can be easily answered!

Welcome to Steel Boning 101, where we'll cover what steel boning is, the incredible benefits of this construction, and some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding the topic! 

What Is Steel Boning?

Steel Boning 101

Image Credit: Kinky Miss Lingerie

Corsetry construction has undergone a lot of transformations over the centuries, largely influenced by the desired function of the corset during each time period.

From wood, ivory, and whalebone, to finally the introduction of steel boning in the mid-19th century, the purpose and focus of the corset function changed immensely.

Starting as a wearable, rigid cage used to reform shape, the function of corsets evolved in the early 1900s to become more of a fashion statement, supporting comfort and wearability.

The steel boning that was initially introduced on the market was known as "flat steel boning". This type of steel boning was thick, flat, and rounded at the edges, only bending slightly in one direction. 

As corsetry evolved, "spiral steel boning" was introduced. Spiral steel boning is also flat but consists of coiled steel.

This allowed for more flexibility and movement in all directions, bringing the corset closest to what we know it today.

For a deeper dive into the differences between flat steel and spiral steel boning, check out our in-depth compare and contrast here!

Now that you have a bit of background regarding how steel boning came to be, let's dive into some of the questions we get asked the most and clear them right up!

"What kind of steel boning is in Atomic Jane Corsets?"

All of our Atomic Jane steel boned corsets are made of 100% spiral steel bones. The exception to this rule is the corsets we carry in our Premium line found in our Extra Curvy collection.

These corsets are constructed of both types of steel boning, the flat steel bones for maximum support with spiral steel bones throughout the rest of the bodice. 

The construction details and number of flat steel bones used will always be outlined in the description of the corset on the product purchase page!

"What is the difference in quality between the types of steel boning?"

When strictly talking quality, there is no difference between spiral steel boning and flat steel boning! The only difference here is the intended usage and result. 

The flat steel boning is more rigid, used strictly for reshaping and support, with little emphasis on comfort, whereas spiral steel boning allows a lot of movement and flexibility. 

The more expensive corsets are constructed using a combination of the two types of steel bones.

"What is the difference in price between the types of steel boning?"

Because flat steel boning is heavier, it does cost more than the spiral steel boning which is lighter and more flexible.

"How do I care for my steel boned corset"?

On each purchase page, you'll either be instructed to "Dry Clean Only" or "Hand Wash Only," depending on the delicacy of the material. 

Dry Clean Only: Because corsets require a special kind care, be selective when picking a dry cleaner! Try to go with a place with experience in costumes, bridal wear, etc., that is sure to understand how to properly and gently care for your corset. And don't be afraid to ask them if they have dry cleaned corsets before. If not, find out how they plan to clean it based on the material and boning.

Hand Wash Only: Wonderfully detailed instructions for washing your corset can be found on StayLace, but to sum it up, the best practice is to rinse in warm water with a non-biological detergent followed by a gentle rinse in cool water, then to roll it up in a towel and blot it dry. The key word here is gentle, gentle, gentle, so as to do everything necessary to extend the lifespan of your corset!

"Will my steel boned corset rust"?

You really want to wash your corset as little as possible.  Even though all modern-day steel boned corsets are coated for rust protection, it's best to submerge it in water as little as necessary.

We hope this little round-up of steel boning basics and frequently asked questions has been of great help in expanding your knowledge in the world of corsets!

We love being able to connect you with so many beautiful corsets on a daily basis, and helping you to improve your knowledge of understanding and caring for these beautiful pieces makes us very happy!

Be sure to hop on over to our Atomic Jane Corsets and do some exploration of the different types of steel boned corsets we have to offer!

Once again, here is a link to our deeper analysis of the differences between spiral steel boning and flat steel boning to refresh your memory and get you thinking about the perfect corset for you!

As always, please feel free to contact us at with any further questions or comments you might have, regarding this topic or otherwise. We would love to hear from you and even greater expand our FAQs list with anything else you've been wondering!

Until next time, happy shopping Atomic Fans!

Spiral Steel Boning vs. Flat Steel Boning: What's the Difference?

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Steel Boned Corsets

A question that we address frequently here at Atomic Jane, we thought it would be super beneficial for us to tackle this topic head-on and clear everything up once and for all!

"What's the difference between spiral steel boning and flat steel boning?"

There's been a common misconception that the quality of spiral steel boning is "inferior" or "flimsy" in comparison to flat steel boning, but we're here to tell you that this is just simply not the case!

Let's take a little journey through some history of steel boning as well as the pros and cons of each of these types, and put this confusion to rest!


A Brief History of Steel Boning

steel boned corsets

Although corsetry dates all the way back to the 16th century, it wasn't until the mid-19th century that steel boning was introduced, replacing the previously used materials including wood, ivory, and bone.

The type of steel boning that was introduced during this time was what we know as "flat steel boning". The best word to describe this type of boning is rigid, as it only bends in one direction. This type of boning didn't allow for much movement or flexibility, with the emphasis solely placed on the support and reshaping of the waist.

Flashing forward into the early 1900's, the purpose and function of the corset evolved to actually consider the comfort of the wearer, and during this time, spiral steel boning was born! Flexibility increased, movement became possible, and a new era of corsetry was ushered in.


Spiral Steel Boning vs. Flat Steel Boning: The Pros & Cons

spiral and flat steel boning

Image Credit: Kinky Miss Lingerie

Now that you have a better understanding of the evolution of steel boning, let's take a deeper dive into the differences between these two main types!

Spiral Steel Boning Pros

As pictured on the left in the photo above, spiral steel boning is in the form of a flattened coil, a design that allows for more fluid movement, able to move generously in any direction.

This design was revolutionary, allowing women to really move, and opening up greater opportunities for function and wear.

Herein lies the biggest pro of spiral steel boning: flexibility. Less constriction, more movement, and better fit are just some of the benefits arising from this flexibility, allowing the user to truly function while still being supported. 

Spiral Steel Boning Cons

The biggest pro of spiral steel boning is also it's biggest con (depending on your intended usage). If your focus is solely on rigid structure and reshaping, and less on comfort, the flexibility of the spiral steel boning may not be the choice for you.

Flat Steel Boning Pros

Flat steel boning, as pictured above on the right, takes the form of strong steel sheets, cut and rounded at the edges. These strips are durable but don't allow for much movement, bending only slightly in one direction.

The biggest pro of flat steel boning is its ability to really hold a strong support and form. The inflexibility is pretty unwavering, so it really has the strength to prop up and reshape the waist.

 Flat Steel Boning Cons 

Flat steel boning is not optimized for comfort and fit. The rigidness of the flat steel bones doesn't allow for any contouring of the body, a feature especially uncomfortable for anyone with curves.

The flat steel bones really hold their form, making most movements difficult and emulating the feeling of being caged.

Another flat steel boning con is the cost. Flat steel boning is heavier compared to its spiral steel boning counterpart, and therefore more pricey.


What Kind Of Corset Should I Buy?

With all of that being said, although it is the common perception that most corsets are filled with something that looks along the lines of flat steel boning, this is actually a misconception.

There are little to no entirely flat steel boned corsets on the market these days - most of them opting for either an entirely spiral steel boned structure or a combination of the two!

The entirely spiral steel boned corsets are the most comfortable option, perfect for anyone seeking durability with comfort for fashion as well as dancing, and performance.

The combination corset combines both worlds, holding the structure that the flat steel boning provides, but also incorporating the flexibility of the spiral steel bones.

These corsets will either have just the 4 flat bones in back, or they will have 4 flat steel bones in the back and in the front, giving the maximum amount of support, with the remainder being spiral steel bones.

In order to give you a little visual of how these may look, we've handpicked a couple of beautiful Atomic Jane corsets from our collection in order for you to get a better idea of each of these types of corset construction.


Spiral Steel Boned Corset


Pictured is our simple and beautiful Atomic White Floral Embroidery Steel Boned Underbust Corset! This corset is comprised entirely of spiral steel boning, offering solid support as well as maximum flexibility.

This corset's hook and eye front closure in the front ensures the perfect fit and it's comfortable lining and seamless design will have you never wanting to take it off!

This spiral steel boned corset sells for $59 in sizes XS-3XL. Click on the image for a closer look. 

Combination: Spiral and Flat Steel Boned Corset 


Take a look at our beautiful Top Drawer Premium Black Faux Leather Steel Boned Corset with Clasps! This beautiful piece is made of premium faux leather and is constructed of 8 spiral steel bones with 4 flat back bones and 4 flat front bones, allowing for sturdy structure as well as movement.

This combination corset sells for $165 in sizes S-6XL.  For a more detailed description, click on the image above to be taken to our product page! 


What's Next?

To sum things up, there is no difference in quality between spiral steel boning and flat steel boning. Both types of steel boning are high quality and strong, the only differences being the intended use and function.

With all of this new found knowledge, we hope we've given you some insight to help you in shopping for your next corset!

Although we displayed a couple of the corsets in our Atomic Jane collection above, click here to see all of the beautiful corsets we have in all different steel boned types!

You're believe you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for from our extensive collection. 

If you have any questions or comments about what you read above, or about anything in general, please feel free to reach out to us at!

We always love to connect with you and hear from you.

Until next time, happy shopping Atomic Fans!