What To Wear To A Renaissance Festival: The Do's & Don'ts!

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Atomic Jane Renaissance Festival
Courtesy of Arizona Renaissance Festival


A tradition that started in the 1960's, the Renaissance Festival is a magical space filled with nostalgia, fantasy, and endless ways to escape to another world. Ren Faires are a nod to the English Renaissance, taking the form of an old English village that would have existed during the time of the reign of Elizabeth I. 

Renaissance Festivals celebrate traditional garb and encourage elaborate, detailed costumes that further enhance the experience of being taken back in time. There are booths selling handmade items, traditional food (giant turkey legs!), and live jousting reenactments, just to name a few of the things that Ren Faires have in store.

Renaissance Festivals take place all over the country, having gained huge popularity over the last 50 years for their incredible ability to transform a space, create a welcoming and safe environment for dreamers, and allow people to live out their fantasies!

Whether you're a long-time Ren Faire attendee or trying to learn the ropes before your first Renaissance Festival experience, we thought we would throw together a little Do's and Don'ts list as well as some Renaissance costume ideas in order to ensure that you have the most incredible experience that you possibly can!

Do: some research beforehand! 

Although anything truly goes at Ren Faires, if it's your thing to dress up, do it big!

There are a few different directions that Renaissance Festival costumes can go in, from gypsies to princesses to pirates to knights. Do a little research, pull up some photos, make it a day you will never forget!

Here at Atomic Jane, we have a couple of super-special Renaissance costume ideas that we've pulled from our inventory for you to take a look at! We hope that these will spark a bit of inspiration in you while picking out your ultimate Renaissance Festival costume.


Atomic Black Siren Pirate Costume


Turn up the heat in this Atomic Black Siren Pirate Costume! You'll stand out in the crowd and keep heads turning in this beautiful strapless mini dress with ruffled lace details.

Although the boots pictured are oh-so-sexy, we might recommend something a little more comfortable for the day at the Renaissance Festival!

Click on the image above to find this ensemble on our website in one size fits small through large for only $65!


Atomic Deluxe Renaissance Gypsy Costume



Going in a completely different direction here (but still super sexy) we have our Atomic Deluxe Renaissance Gypsy Costume!

This beautiful white peasant-style dress is a nod to the Renaissance era and the beautiful details and flow of the dress are perfect for a day at the Ren Faire.

Click on this image above to find this beautiful Renaissance Festival costume on our website in one size fits small through large for only $95!


Atomic Red Chest Strap Long Sleeved Gown


Last but certainly not least is our Atomic Red Chest Strap Long Sleeved Gown. This gown is absolutely beautiful and the combination of the rich color and the way it drapes on your body will have you feeling like a million bucks all day! This is an absolutely perfect Renaissance costume idea.

Click on the image above to be taken to the purchase page on our website, available in one size fits small through large for only $85!


Don't: be shy! 

If it's your first Renaissance Festival, the sheer stimulation may overwhelm you upon entering the premises. Put your guard down!

A lot of the patrons may also be newcomers, but even if they aren't, this group will be ready to welcome you with open arms!


Atomic Jane Renaissance Festival Courtesy of David E James Photography


Do: dress for comfort! 

You'll want to walk around comfortably, and in the form of an old English village, it is likely that you will be walking on dirt paths, grass, etc. It would be a shame to have to cut the day short on account of some not-so-walkable shoes!

Dress for comfort and mobility, dress for the weather, and work it around your outfit.

Don't: have a closed mind! 

You'll be amazed at all the wonderful surprises in store for you at the Ren Faire, with booths, activities, and sights to see that will blow you away.

Go into the day expecting to be surprised and try out as many new experiences as you can as they come your way! This is the essence of the Renaissance Festival.

Atomic Jane Renaissance Festival

Courtesy of Texas Renaissance Festival

Do: feel safe to go all out! 

Although this is a list of guidelines, the cool thing about the Renaissance Festival is that literally, anything goes! If you feel like trashing this list, that's also fine. Just be yourself!

It is a safe space with absolutely no judgment, a place where everyone is safe to live out their fantasies. Allow others to feel as safe as they are allowing you to feel!


Atomic Jane Renaissance Festival

Courtesy of Craig Marlsen Photography

Don't: be afraid to interact! 

A Renaissance Festival should be a completely immersive experience, from the patrons to the staff! Try not to freeze up when the staff wants to have a little fun with you, that's all part of the day!

Open up to absolutely everything around you and you'll be surprised at how much of a positive impact it has on your overall experience.


Atomic Jane Renaissance Festival 

Photo of Sir William vs. Sir Jacob by Katie Jones, Minnesota Renaissance Festival

What's Next? 

Feeling inspired? We hope that this little list has made you feel more equipped with what to expect at the Renaissance Festival as well as provided you with some inspiration in order to really get the most out of your experience!

If you're looking for more beautiful costumes, gowns, and corsets to put together the ensemble of your dreams, head on over to Atomic Jane Clothing and see all of the amazing things we have in store! There is really something for everyone throughout our huge inventory.

As always, please feel free to message us with any questions or comments regarding this post or anything in general! We love to hear from you.

Until next time, Happy shopping Atomic Fans! 

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