The Renaissance Faire and What to Wear

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Knights in shining armor, using the phrase, “thou art,” and maidens with tousled curls mixed in with the perfect braid. As you might have guessed, I’m talking about Renaissance Faires.

In the US alone, there are over 60 major Fairs. That’s a whole lot of opportunities to get dressed up and swept away in the romance. Besides eating a huge piece of meat on the bone and drinking out of a chalice, there is also the opportunity to admire the costumes. Costumes galore!

Don’t feel like being yourself? Then be someone else. That’s the magic of the Renaissance Fair. For our readers who have never visited or have but never in costume, this post is for you. We have some costume ideas that will bring out your inner Maid Marion and a few corset pieces that can be re-purposed for everyday outfits. So without further ado, m’lady- let’s begin.

Speaking of Maid Marion…check out this number. Robin Hood won't be able to keep his eyes off you. Matching headpiece included. 


Game of Thrones

There was no way I could write about dressing up in a smokin’ awesome medieval costume and not mention everyone’s absolute favorite show. This show has taken the world by storm! Don’t’ worry, no spoiler alerts here.


The action! The drama! The sex!...and of course The Costumes! If you want to draw your costume inspiration from the most addictive show ever, here’s a few ideas.


The beloved mother of the dragons has a penchant for showing a bit of, ahem…skin. If you were thinking of something a little less scantily clad take a peek at this gorgeous Game of Thrones corset inspiration piece.

This underbust corset is just shimmery enough to say, feminine while watching a jousting match. You can slip this over a peasant style dress, or a simple maxi dress. After the faire don’t shove this one in the back of the closet. It can be worn over any style top. You will be little-in-the-middle and looking good every time you wear it.

Need a little more support?  This similar underbust corset comes with in a halter top. It also features heavy cord lacing and steel bones for a tighter lace. 

And after the faire…


OMG you have to unleash your inner steampunk-goddess with this one. We’ve put together this ensemble as inspiration. We would love to see what other ideas you come up with!


Let your inner bad girl shine, by letting Cersei be your Game of Thrones costume inspiration. Cersei is best known for wearing a long, flowy gown, and a devious face.

Here are a few Game of Thrones Cersei dress styled gowns for your approval. This first gown, is one of our favorites! Take note of the silky gauze sleeves. The lace up bodice and braided trim perfectly complements the red coloring. Seriously, how often do we ladies get to wear anything with braided trim, right?


If red isn’t your color, take a look at this gown. Soft, creamy, dreamy, and gold. Fit for a Queen (or a Princess). The great part about these gowns is the “one and done” factor. Throw on a flower crown and a pair of sandals and- tada! You’re good to go.

Lady in Waiting

Now for me, the stress of being the head-lady-in-charge would be way too much work. I’m more of a lady in waiting. The lady in waiting is a cross between the queen’s personal assistant and a royal socialite. She’s still envied by all those peasants, but doesn’t have to make any decision on which village gets plundered next. The best of both worlds.

This green lady in waiting gown will keep the kingdom green with envy. It even comes with the adorable hat for those bad hair-fair days.

The Maiden

Not feeling the nobility? Try a maiden costume on for size. Maidens are “young unmarried women”. Be the fairest maiden of them all in this crushed gown trimmed in gold. The satin corset overlay and headpiece really pull the look together.    

While this dress is beautiful, if you're looking for the cinching that an underbust corset provides, you will need to create your own maiden costume complete with a true corset. Totally doable.


This brocade underbust corset is a fan favorite. The leather accents give it a bit of an armor feel. Don’t forget to admire all the lovely metal details, like the metal rivets over the triple leather cascade. You can easily create a maiden costume with a piece like this. Simply add a maxi skirt and your favorite tank, and you got maiden-central.

Because of the steel bones and back lace up closure, don't be afraid to lace this lovely corset up for the full waist cinch effect. 


Does black fit in better with your wardrobe? This black PVC underbust makes it easy to transform almost any outfit. Under the 4 buckles is a front bust closure.  Renaissance Faire friendly, and even a great starter piece you could wear over a blouse and under a blazer to the office.


The Ultimate List of Things to Do at a Renaissance Festival

Did you know there is a delicious wine made from honey called mead? Well if you didn’t, get ready to imbibe upon arrival. Be sure to grab yourself a bottle while you visit these not to be missed festivities:

  • The Pub Sing. Here is your chance to let your inner pub song-singing star let loose! Grab yourself mug (or you might still have some of that mead left) and join in without abandon.
  • The Arts and Crafts. Don’t forget to bring your wallet. Local craftsmen and women will have plenty of handmade goodies to peruse while you look stunning in your perfect attire.
  • The Food. First, do not eat lunch before you go. Or breakfast- heck, don’t even fill up on water on your way there. Renaissance food is delicious, readily available, and messy! Be prepared to find all your favorite goodies for purchase on a stick. Think- meat, cake, and more meat.
  • The Jousting Matches. Knights riding on horses ramming into each other with long poles.What's not to love?
  • The Performers. Enjoy the jugglers, acrobats, town criers, and sword-fights. There’s a little something for everyone.

Before we finish, I have one more costume to show you- a little bit medieval, a little bit fairytale. The hooded gown! Don’t feel like looking everyone in the eye- now you don’t have to. 

Escape the sun or keep warm, depending on the time of year you're wearing one of these beauties.

Both gowns feature lace-up front ties and...matching petticoats! Now we all know, any excuse to get a petticoat is a good one. 

I can't wait to hear all about your Renassaince Faire adventures and of course, what you wore! Leave us a comment about your favorite piece from this blog, or about one of your own favorite Faire memories. 

We would love to help you choose the perfect costume. Contact us at for any help with sizing or styles. 


How to Have a Perfect Boudoir Photoshoot

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Have you been enviously admiring your friend’s boudoir photo sessions from afar? If you are getting married soon, you may be considering having your own boudoir session. In either case, this post is for you! Today we are talking about how to have the perfect (ahem- and most flattering!) boudoir photo shoot ever. We will also learn a bit about the art of boudoir photography and how it all started. Let’s begin.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is the art of  sexy, smoking hot photos. It's taking the time to invest in yourself and create a tangible memory that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Boudoir photos are not smut, but more a classy-artistic opportunity for you to look and feel amazing. 

What To Wear, What to Wear

This question tortures women everywhere on a daily basis. Now add the stress of a photo shoot where the entire point is looking fantastically-sexy and it’s not hard to image panic setting in. Don’t worry. We got you. But first, we need to get real about body image.

Feeling Sexy

Tons of women have been known to love boudoir photography. They totally want to have their own shoot, but, you know, after they lose 20lbs. Or join a gym. Or (fill in blank with almost any answer).

There will always be something you wish you could change. Longer hair, softer elbows…
Here is the truth. You look great, today, right now- just as you are. All those imperfections and parts you wish you could tweak here and there? All of that can be strategically played down when working with a professional photographer. That’s what they do! It’s their job, literally, to make you look great. They know the angles, the lighting and all the tricks in the book.

Trust your photographer. If I just described your own fears about taking boudoir photos, set up a call with a photographer whose work you adore; and tell them your worries! Afraid of looking “fat”? There are camera angles and editing to glorify all your most sexy assets! All while minimizing the areas you might love, just not love enough to make front and center.

Clothes Can Be Sexy

Now that we’ve gotten the fear out of the way, let’s talk outfits. This is the fun part!
Boudoir demands a sexy outfit. Don’t confuse Boudoir with nudity- although, there are plenty of women who opt to take nude photoshoots- boudoir is all about the outfits. The allure, the tease…showing a bit of skin, but not too much. You have a range of options.

Corsets are a boudoir favorite and with good reason. They accentuate all the right areas, while "pulling it all in" and making you appear slimmer. This overbust corset above is girly, feminine and playful. It's not hard to imagine stretching out on a gorgeous backdrop and feeling beautiful while you wear it. 

If you choose to wear a corset to your boudoir photo shoot there's an endless amount of pairing options. Fishnets, hosiery, thongs, boyshorts...whatever your favorite bottoms might be- will seamlessly compliment your outrageous curves. 

This option above, a bustier babydoll, offers a number of benefits. First, the bracup top gives extra support and lift for some serious cleavage. Besides keeping the girls looking great, the loose flowy bottom can squash fears of having to show your tummy. This is a great option for a new mom, or any woman who prefers to hide the tummy. 

Another option is to wear a teddy. This red sheer bodysuit teddy offers peek-a-boo slits, but still provides coverage for a little mystique. While choosing a teddy to wear may seem like the "one and done" option, you still have some important choices to make when it comes to your outfit. Which brings me to our next topic, accessories. 


We all know no outfit is complete without a little flare, here and there. Here are a few accessories to add that little something extra to your shoot:

  • Crazy super-high heels. You know the kind. Those gorgeous ones from the magazines that you wonder allowed, "How does anyone walk around in those?"  What better time to try them out and make your legs look fantastic, then a boudoir shoot. After all, no walking is required. 
  • Jewelry. Listen, you aren't going to be taking beautiful photos of yourself everyday, so if ever there was a time to buy those perfect teardrop earrings you've been eyeing- its now. Choose light jewelry like delicate bracelets. Consider not wearing a necklace as to keep your decolletage (aka: the cleavage) free to be the star of the show.   

Where to Take Your Photos

Choosing where you take your photos may depend on the photographer you choose. Some boudoir photographers have their own lovely, romantic, and comfortable studios. Others, however, can arrange to take your boudoir photos in your own home. A third option, is renting a luxury hotel room for the afternoon. You can scout out locations ahead of time, by checking hotel photos online. 

Above all else, you need to be comfortable and able to relax. Your photographer may have the lights and the camera, but if your all stiff and hate the environment its going to show in the final product. 

The History of Boudoir

The word boudoir comes from a French word that means; sulking. It was adopted as the name of French ladies dressing rooms. These rooms were grand, luxurious spaces where a lady could hang out, get dressed and take her time enjoying the art of "getting ready". 

Swoon. We should all be so lucky to have one of these rooms. 
Years ago, women used boudoir photography to advertise. In the 1920s-1940's a number of starlets kept the boudoir trend going strong. Stars like Mae West and Clara Bow are two of the most beloved boudoir stars of all time. 
By the 1950's the pinup craze was in full force, and boudoir took a backseat for a few years. But...
Women have never stopped loving looking sexy- and so the art has lasted the test of time. 

Wedding Boudoir

Boudoir photography was also used in the past, as a gift to a fiance. This trend has made a comeback in a huge way. Today boudoir wedding shoots are extremely popular. So much so, that wedding boudoir photographers often book out months in advance, much like the service photographer. 

If you aren't sure what to get your finace as a wedding gift, trust me when I tell you- he will love a boudoir photo album. You will win the "best wife" award before you can even say, "I do." 

Nothing says blushing bride, like a white corset. This piece is complete with all the frills, lace, and ribbons. It is a perfect choice for a pre-wedding shoot. 

Like the old saying says: ...something borrowed, something blue. This blue satin overbust corset with black lace trim is sure to bring you all the good luck you need on your special day. 

Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her big day. There's no reason not to start feeling like royalty before the wedding. This beauty has steel bones, a sweetheart neckline, side zipper, and premium sequins. You are guaranteed to feel like the sexiest woman alive wearing this. Your fiance will agree. 

Hair and Makeup

Last but certainly not least; hair and makeup. For your special day if your photographer doesn't offer a hair and makeup professional, be sure to book your own. While you may be able to do your everyday makeup perfectly, a professional makeup artist knows what looks good on camera. 

So, what do you think? Are you ready for your own boudoir photoshoot? You deserve it girl! Now go take some great photos! We are always available here at Atomic Jane to help you choose the perfect outfit- so don't be afraid to reach out with any questions to





Passionate About Purple

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In today’s post we are taking a look at some to die for pieces.  They all just so happen to be the same gorgeous color; purple. Besides browsing fantastic outfit inspiration, we are learning all about purple and hopefully surprise you with a bit of fun purple-trivia along the way.  If this is your favorite color you are in for a real treat. 

Royal Fashion 

Have you ever heard purple is the color of royalty? I’m here to tell you; it’s true. Back in the Byzantine Empire only the most important imperial rules wore this lovely hue. The Holy Roman Empire also used purple to signify royalty. If that isn’t enough evidence ask Japan. They associate purple with both aristocracy and the Emperor.

Feeling a bit regal but you haven’t quite locked down that European prince yet? I’ve got a few fashion ideas to hold you over.  Until you get your own purple coronation outfit. Take a look at this first piece.

This new arrival to the store is my absolute favorite. It’s soft, delicate, and just looking at it makes me feel like a queen. The mauve-purple tone is unique and creates versatile options for styling. It features a side zipper and back lacing. The satin fabric lets it feel as pretty as it looks. A pair of black skinny jeans or an A-line skirt would look amazing with this halter overbust corset. Throw a blazer and some sparkly earrings on then sit back and get ready for some royal attention.

If you want to add a bit of regal flare to your wardrobe, but can’t decide how, try these sheer purple thigh-highs. The pretty lace bands will keep them in place. Show off your legs with these subtle sexy tights.

Color Psychology

There is a whole field of advertising science dedicated to figuring out what us consumers think when we see a certain color. The field of color psychology is fascinating. Research shows that specific groups of people respond to color differently.

Have you ever been on a website that had totally conflicting neon colors and honestly you just couldn’t stand sticking around to see what they offered? Those websites, did not follow color psychology.

This corset here can be our example. What comes to mind when you see this corset? I would choose words like, Victorian, romantic, sexy and classic. Now imagine this corset was yellow and green plaid with orange polka dots. That would totally change my answer. That’s  the power color has over our perception.

The Business of Purple

Marketers and designers don’t choose colors to use in ad campaigns on a whim. Those intense Mad Men-style meetings full of whisky and cigarettes were not kidding. Advertising is serious business. 

Purple is used in advertising to mark a premium service. Think “the deluxe” package vs. the “the basic”. When used in the younger demographic, 18-27 years old, purple packaging screams; sexy and naughty. The 27 and older set view the color purple to say: superior, sophisticated and powerful.

That’s pretty amazing to think about. How many regal ads have you seen recently decked out in purple?



Want to give yourself some shape to show off your own “deluxe” packaging? Try an underbust corset. This purple underbust corset fastens in the front and laces up the back. Can be worn under clothing, but it’s so lovely I recommend showing it off over a white button up shirt or other long sleeve lightweight material items.

As a bonus, this piece can double as a waist training corset. It has steel bones, a modesty panel, and a heavy cord to lace-up. 

Magic and Mystery

Feeling a bit mysterious? Purple is the color of magic, imagination, and spirituality. So cool right? Who knew one color could so much symbolic influence.  

I’ve got the perfect mystical corset dress to spark your mysterious side. This strapless overbust corset dress can be worn for a burlesque performance, to spice up a costume, or if you are feeling a bit goth- throw on a pair of fishnets and hit the club. The sparkly brooch on the bust will guarantee you dazzle, even without adding a necklace. 


Soul philosophers consider shades of violet and purple to connect us to our higher state of consciousness.  On the spiritual side, those who study auras believe that those with a purple glow are in a state of balance and happiness.


This sheer purple overbust halter corset will put you in a state of happiness when you see how great you look in it. Sequin bling, ruffled bottom, and bows will put a smile on your face.

The Purple Eye

Let's talk make-up. 

Wearing strong colors like violet, purple, or fuchsia inspire the smokey-purple eye. Purple is the suggested go-to color when it comes to playing up green eyes, but its versatile enough to look good with any eye color or skin shade.

Highlight your new purple corset by adding a lavender smokey eye. Here is a fantastic tutorial for a simple purple eye over at isimplylovemakeup. Have some fun. Take your time and play around with different color palettes until you have found the right look for you.

Purple Hair

Our last section on the fabulous color of the day focuses on the super-hot trend, of rich crazy hair colors. Whether it’s pure purple passion or the ombre look- purple hair, is here to stay.


I think it’s safe to say, while the rest of us are drooling over how great this hair looks, no one loves purple hair more than the divine Miss Katy Perry.

Katy is an unstoppable force this days. She has been nominated for over 363 awards in the life of her career, winning 92 of them! Go Katy. Still hasn’t grabbed that Grammy (can you believe it??) but we all know she’s going to keep making great music, so it's maybe this will be her big year. 

Besides bestselling albums and sold-out tours, she also made history by being one of the select few to rule the world during her 2015 Super Bowl half-time show. Add to her list of achievements, having every color hair under the sun. Purple, being one of her favorites. Really, is there anything this woman isn’t doing?


You know what else Katy is a huge fan of? I'll give you a hint. Something that shows off her sexy hourglass figure, always flatters her, yet still comfortable enough for her to dance on stage for hours. If you guessed corsets, you win!

I've chosen this last corset especially with Katy in mind. I think she would love the front clasps and showing off her waist in this one. And of course, because it's Katy we are talking about- pants are optional. For everyone else- pair this with a skirt and get ready to feel sexy!

Have you been rocking the royal/ mysterious/ power-infused purple lately? Let us know in the comments if purple is your favorite and of course which corset you loved the most. If you need any help choosing the perfectly purple outfit, send us an email at  

We are always available to answer your questions on size, shipping, or all things corset. 



What to Wear on Special Occasions

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It's that time of the year again. Tis the season for parties happening every weekend, and you can't find a thing to wear. Even if you are partied out- what about other times when you need to look oh-so-alluring but have no idea where to start? Never fear, corsets are here!

In this post, we will give you some great ideas on what to wear on special occasions. But not only holidays; girls night out, black- tie affairs. It's all happening, here at Atomic Jane. Let's get started!

The Company Party

You know the drill. The significant other has a company shin-dig coming up, and you need to look hotter than all the other dates. What's a girl to do? Don't worry. We've got a corset for that. This piece is classy, but the perfect amount of sexy to let you stand out in a crowd. 

Pair this with a shawl, a dress jacket or sweater. For the bottom half- its your choice. Skirt as long or short as your like. Add a statement necklace and you have a complete look. 


Once the party is over- don't go stuffing this one in the back of the closet. Corsets are easily re-purposed for everyday wear. Grab your favorite pair of skinny jeans, a cardigan and go out and enjoy yet another fabulous ensemble. 

New Years Eve

Unless you are shivering outside in Times Square, there's a pretty good chance you are going out to celebrate New Years. One of my favorite parts of New Year's Eve (besides that romantic kiss at midnight) is checking out what everyone wears. Start your new calendar off with a bang in something like this. 


Or you can create your own look with a classic lace-up overbust corset that can be worn with any combination you could imagine. 

This black steel boned corset paired with a ruched skirt, like the one above- is sure to please. We aren't the only ones who think a corset should be your go-to New Year Outfit. Take a look at who else agrees with us. 


If there is one person who always knows exactly what to wear, it's Beyonce. The Queen Bee could look good in a paper bag, but she still chooses her outfits as carefully as the rest of us.

Known for her show-stopping curves, she knows how important it is to find a look that's body-flattering. Her looks have ranged from Gaga-outrageous to "OMG I can't even". Well ladies, I'm here to tell you. Yes, you can.

Take a look at Beyonce's New Years Eve outfit a few years ago. Here we see how she found a way to exaggerate those dangerous curves. With a corset, of course. 

Her black and white glitterati-corset number might be a little too pant-less for some tastes. Doesn't mean we can't use her outfit as inspiration. Adding a pair of black shorts or skirt makes it a little less Beyonce, but just as fabulous.


Beyonce isn't the only starlet to choose corsets for the holidays. Arianna Grande has also opted to go full corset. Here we see the pint-sized pop star performing alongside Big Sean and Mac Miller at a Dick Clark's NYE Celebration.

Arianna went with a sequin black corset and silver skirt. All she needed was a bow and she would be as pretty as a Christmas present. 

You can recreate Arianna's look with this lovely little black number. Add a tutu skirt, a pleated skirt or something shiny. Don't forget the signature ponytail if you choose to go Full-Grande. 

Corsets have sort of become her "thing" these days. Her cute vintage corset style perfectly compliments her look. 

The Girls Night Out

Sometimes you just gotta get out, get seen, and maybe get into a little trouble with the girlfriends. The oh-so-essential Girls Night Out comes in many forms. There is the, "We are all home for the holidays" reunion of old high school friends night out. The "All the Mommy friends actually found a sitter" night out. The "college girls" get together, the "roommates actually hanging out not in kitchen" night…you get my drift.

When us ladies get together- we want to look good. Or at least as good as our friends. Wow your girlfriends, and make the husbands a bit nervous by leaving the house wearing one of these.

The above pink Pain-Poison-Love-Pleasure is a fashion corset. This comfortable overbust corset has a sweetheart neckline and looks great with jeans and stilettos. If pink isn't your color, how about red?

The Bachelorette Party

Your BFF is getting married. Horray!!! You know what that means? No, I'm not talking about bridesmaids dresses (although we have a great post on an alternative option over here). I'm talking about the Bachelorette Party!! Woohoo.

Whether it's a karaoke bar, a weekend in Vegas, or your local dive- this level of celebration demands looking good. 

Is your bridal party looking to match? No reason to wait for the wedding. These corset dresses come in 7 gorgeous colors and run sizes S-6XL.                               


The Black Tie Affair

We all think we want the coveted invite to a black tie affair. That is, until we get one. Then the excitement shifts from, "Oh yeah!" to "Oh No".

Mostly because, who has a closet full of evening gowns? Whether it's a wedding, a gala, or the ball – finding a perfect dress is no easy task.

Once you have found the perfect dress, the next level of freaking out begins. Am I going to look great? Like, red-carpet awesome when I'm wearing it?

Yes. Yes you are. We have just the secret weapon for you:

Waist Cincher

If you aren't familiar with the term waist cincher I'll give you a brief overview. A waist cincher is a corset designed to be worn under your garments. They can be worn everyday, or for a special occasion. By design, they are meant to keep you looking smooth, slim, and help you feel more confident.  Some cinchers, can also be used for waist training.

This waist cincher below, is an underbust cincher. It features wide straps for added support and a smooth complete backing. Because this cincher fits under your bust, you can choose to wear a bra for bust support or if your feeling saucy- let the girls out for the evening. 

This can be worn under any high-backed dress. Notice there are 3 different adjustable sizes, so you get to choose the level of support and tummy flattening. 

If you prefer a cincher that does not include straps, this blue latex piece might be for you. This underbust is also intended to be worn under your garment.  This cincher will hold in the tummy and waist area creating the perfect hour-glass silhouette. 



I hope we have been able to give you a few ideas on what to wear on special occasions. Whether its to ring in the new year, or just a night on the town- you deserve to look and feel your best. If you like anything we've showed you here- please, leave us a comment and let us know!

For any questions with sizes or ordering, we are always available. Send an email to and we will get back to you right away. 

The 10 Best Corset Wearing Characters of All Time

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How many times have you seen an actress looking so phenomenal in a corset and thought, “I wish I could wear that.” I’m here to tell you; you can wear that. In this post, we will reminisce about the 10 most iconic, corset-wearing characters of film and how you can achieve the same look in your everyday life. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Marilyn Monroe

We are starting our list of with arguably the most beautiful woman of all time, the one and only, Ms. Marilyn Monroe. Her style has been influencing women decade after decade. Her famous outfits have lasted the test of time; like the white dress in the wind, and the pink evening gown with diamonds. But nothing showed off that hourglass figure of hers, quite like a corset. In 1954, Ms. Monroe wore a classic overbust corset in her film, The River of No Return.

The film was a classic western and starred Monroe and Robert Mitchum. The New York Times had this to say about it: "It is a toss-up whether the scenery or the adornment of Marilyn Monroe is the feature of greater attraction in River of No Return . . . The mountainous scenery is spectacular, but so, in her own way, is Miss Monroe.“

Get the Look

Here Marilyn is wearing a classic strapless floral piece with lace accents. You can achieve the same one with this purple top:

Paired with a skirt and fishnets like Marilyn, will give you a more risqué feel. It can be easily paired down for the everyday demure style by adding jeans or keeping the skirt a little longer and nixing the fishnets.

Lily James

If you aren’t familiar with Lily James, I’ll give you a hint: glass slipper. If your guess was “Cinderella," you were correct! Lily starred in the Cinderella reboot this year and the world could not stop talking about her teeny-tiny waist You don’t have to be getting ready for the ball or have a fairy godmother to get your own cinched look. A waist training corset made with steel bones and heavy cords will get the job done.

Get the Look

To start, try a well-made piece like this black and grey, laced beauty. 

The underbust can be worn on top of or under your clothes. The romantic overlay will keep you looking sweet enough to get noticed by your own Prince Charming.

Kate Winslet

I'll go ahead and admit something here; I have never been on a ship. But you can bet your bottom dollar the day I step foot on one, I'm totally going to try and climb up on the front for a Rose selfie.   
James Cameron's Titanic is the second highest grossing film of all time not only because of dreamy Jack Dawson played by the one and only Leonardo Dicaprio but also because Kate Winslet killed it as the darling Rose. That hair! Those jewels! And of course, those dresses. Underneath every one of her fabulous getups? I think you know where I'm going with this. 


Get the Look 

You don't need to go back in time to experience a little Victorian fashion. Take a peek at these two examples. 

Both of these Victorian pieces can be paired with pants and a cardigan for a daytime look. Don't be afraid to dress them up either. The lace embellishments are perfect for soft jewelry with an evening look. 

Kim Kardashian

Love her or hate her, Kim K. knows how to command attention. When she isn’t busy taking close of up photos of her face or entertaining us by fighting with her sisters, she’s usually turning heads with her fashion.Technically, she's a reality star but I think we can all agree she's quite the character. Kim loves a good corset and it was almost impossible to choose just one to talk about for this article. Instead, I want to highlight her love of: the bustier. 

Get the Look

The bustier is an overbust corset that offers defined cups and bust support. If you want to cinch in your waist while making sure everything upstairs is staying put- this might be the corset for you.


In either example above, you can see the corset top mixed with a few accessories makes for a great night-out look. Below, is an example how wearing a bustier can complete a relaxed-casual outfit. These are versatile pieces and only your imagination limits the choice in combinations. 

Nicole Kidman

In Baz Lurhman's magical interpretation of Moulin Rouge, Nicole Kidman played the part of Satine. When Nicole played the coutesan who falls in love with the lowly writer, no one could take their eyes off her. In a pivotal scene Satine tried to blame her corset for passing out on stage but we as the viewer know better. It wasn’t that “silly costume,“  it was actually that “silly consumption” which in case you didn’t know, was a fancy way of saying tuberculosis. 

In Moulin Rouge, Nicole wore corset, after corset, after fabulous corset. 

Get the Look

All of Satine's looks can be worn in your everyday wardrobe. No stage required. The three examples below will get you started. 

Jessica Rabbit

Is she a cartoon? Yes.Yet here we are, almost 30 years later and Jessica Rabbit is still a highly sought after fashion icon and sex symbol. She wasn't fooling anyone. That tiny waist? She wasn't just, drawn that way, she definitely had some waist cinching help under that red dress. 


Get the Look

If sultry temptress is the look you are going for, choose any of these three pieces and you won't regret it. 

Don't forget, no one ever said Jessica had to wear a dress. The middle overbust can be worn with red leather pants and you will still look every bit as hot. 

Kate Beckinsale

Kate played the ultimate butt-kicking femme fatale in both Van Helsing and as a super vampire who was seriously going to kill herself some werewolf’s in the Underworld series. When not busy being totally amazed by all of her death-defying stunts, you probably found yourself admiring her fierce steampunk fashion.

Kate’s Underworld character, Selene, wouldn’t be caught dead in any outfit other than one of her beloved black leather corsets.This costume screamed, steampunk corset – all the way.

Get the Look

This very sleek, sexy all-black outfit is super easy to incorporate into your wardrobe. Start with a piece like this one here.

Pair this black leather corset with leather leggings and, watch out world! You will look like a total bad-ass. If you don’t feel like wearing a long-sleeve top underneath, change it up a bit with a jacket and don’t be afraid to accessorize it with a strong piece of jewelry. Try a cuff bracelet or a few chains if you are keeping it steampunk.

We put together this outfit idea for you, for those days when you are more in the mood for high fashion than monster hunting. 

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot may be the newest star to take over the role, but Lynda Carter will always have my heart as the OG woman of wonder. Lynda’s portrayal of one of America’s favorite superheroes broke stereotypes week after week on her 1975 TV series. When she wasn’t fighting crime and saving the day, she was inspiring women everywhere with her patriotic fashion.


Get the Look

You can recreate Wonder Woman's awesomeness by trying out a top that offers both cinching and embellishment. This piece here has both. Throw on a pair of jeans and a gold headband and go save the world. 


If you are ever having one of those days when pants seem optional and you actually want to be Wonder Woman, there's a corset for that too. 

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter has captivated us all with her haunting, quirky and often corset-wearing characters. The list of movies including her tight-laced looks is exhaustive.  Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland…pretty much any of her period piece movies; all corsets. She loves them so much, most of her red carpet appearances and press photos are corset dresses. Dark, bold, mysterious and deliciously weird – her style has steampunk written all over it.

Get the Look

Above we see Helena in her Mrs. Lovett costume. Amazing. To inspire your own steampunk couture, check these outfits out. 

Scarlett O'Hara

Vivien Leigh forever cemented her place in history playing Scarlett O'Hara in the screen version of Margaret Mitchell's beloved novel. When she wasn't swearing at turnips, she was causing trouble and basically inspiring every woman who ever saw the film to run out and buy her clothes.But there is one scene everyone remembers. Her corset scene.

Get the Look

Forget the flat-iron for a day; rock some curls, and get a soft flowy white skirt to pair with this Scarlett O'Hara approved brocade overbust.

Was your favorite character included in our list? You can contact us here at Atomic Jane Clothing anytime and we will gladly help you recreate your favorite look from the big screen or give you ideas on how to add a corset into your daily fashion looks. Contact us at






10 Victorian Fashion Corsets for Everyday

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Victorian Fashion Corsets for Everyday

What do you know about the Victorian era? Did you know that corsets were a large part of the trend in this period? Read on and learn about the ten Victorian fashion corsets for every day, among many other topics and fine details of the Victorian era!

Victorian Fashion

The Victorian style changed the world. In the early 1900's, new machinery, as well as new clothing materials, were developed. Trim and lace were now able to be placed on all dresses, corsets, and the like. Lavishness was in for half the cost. Not only was lace made both fast and furious by sewing machines, but dyes were developed that lasted and were inexpensive and stylish.

A good example of a corset that would have been produced back in the 1900's is the Atomic Victorian Tapestry Overbust Corset. This corset is pure vintage fashion. Check out the detail on this brightly dyed olive green overbust corset. The yellow satin ribbon trim along the bottom is vintage to match the mild floral tapestry design. As a bonus, the back laces up with matching yellow satin ribbon for tight lacing and closure. The front includes a steel busk seal. But wait, there's more! This specific corset also comes with a matching G-string; you sure didn't get those in the original Victorian era!

Victorian Jewelry

Just like the Victorian fashion, Victorian jewelry changed near the 1900's allowing accessibility of the jewelry to all, rather than just aristocrats and Queens. Jewelry specifically from the Romantic Period showed confidence, love, and allure. A piece of jewelry from the Romantic Period, specifically a royal blue and diamond necklace perhaps, would pair quite nicely with the Atomic Victorian Inspired Purple Overbust Corset.

This overbust corset is a real looker. Its long length sits at the lower hips allowing for the look of a long torso and corset training. The bodice is elegant with a hook and eye closure in the front and in good vintage fashion, a matching blue satin ribbon that has tight lacing up the back. This overbust corset is 30% cotton and 40% spandex. You will be the talk of the evening in this everyday but elegant outfit.

Victorian Hair

Just like both fashion and jewelry, Victorian hairstyles were considered an imperative part of a women's appearance. A woman's hair was usually worn up, embellished with feathers, jewels, or other Victorian fashion items. Her hair would be curled with tendrils framing her face. A perfect matching corset for this type of Victorian hairstyle would be the Atomic Beige Victorian Inspired Brocade Overbust Corset.


The femininity of this cream colored corset just oozes innocence. The contrast between the white floral lace trim and black busk front closure gives it a feeling of virgin promiscuity. This would be perfect wedding lingerie for that woman with the innocent look and not so innocent actions!

Victorian Literature

Victorian literature involves a variety of works written from 1837-1901. The majority of the writing focuses on the struggles of the working class, and especially any victory or achievement gained. Some of the work included in that timeframe are Bronte's "Jane Eyre" & "Wuthering Heights". Just imagine reading one of those classic books while wearing the Atomic After Five Ruffles and Lace Overbust Corset.

This light copper colored overbust corset would put your typical librarian to shame. With its white and yellow ruffle trim on both the top and bottom edge, as well as the white lace adornment over the bust area that is carried around to the back, who wouldn't want to be caught reading in the library?! This corset also includes a front busk closure and tight lacing up the back in a beautiful and brilliant bright white satin ribbon. This specific corset could also be used in Victorian Steampunk fashions with the right accessories added as it has that light copper colored bodice that is classic to the steampunk look.

Victorian Hats

Hats were worn by women in the Victorian period from the 1830's to the 1900's. Hats made the fashion back in the day and were a must-have accessory to a women's dress or corset. Bonnets were adorned with flowers, feathers, jewels, and ribbons. If you are having a difficult time visualizing the type of hats from the period, think Downton Abbey! 

Any of the Atomic corsets could be worn with a bonnet, but the Atomic Victorian Tapestry Overbust Corset and the Atomic Beige Victorian Inspired Brocade Overbust Corset would pair the best with the hats of the Victorian era.

Victorian Shoes

Footwear in the Victorian period had a simple but classic look. Usually, boots were worn under dresses or skirts and were mid-calf in height. With a line of black buttons, a stiletto heel, and other adornments, Victorian era shoes were badass!

The Atomic Nora-Blu Pinstripe Bustier Corset would be the perfect fit for the boots mentioned above. The formal pinstripes yet flirty black ruffle, send mixed signals to your admirer. Add in rhinestone buckle accents, adjustable over-the-shoulder straps, and a matching thong and you have a night you'll never forget!

Victorian Architecture

The Victorian style of architecture is from the period of 1830-1910. It was a highly influential style with elaborate trim and beautiful colors. The Victorian era wanted architecture, furnishings, and fashion to have an air of beauty over practicality. The type of corset most reminiscent of Victorian architecture is the Atomic Vintage Blue & Gold Brocade Underbust corset.

This Victorian inspired underbust corset has a brocade fabric in the royal colors of gold and navy blue. Not only does it have a front busk closure, but it also has durable tight lacing in the back and comes with a matching G-string. How daring! This corset can be worn with or without a tank top as it is an underbust corset, again, how daring!

Victorian Cosmetics

Women of the Victorian era indeed wore make-up. Women in this period used rice powder, zinc oxide, or pearl powder as a foundation. As a lipstick, they would use a clear beeswax for protection against the sun and wind as well as for a light shine. For color on their lips, they would use finely ground flowers. For blush on the cheeks, they would apply beet juice massaged into the cheeks. A corset that would fit this style of cosmetics today would be the Atomic Victorian Black Satin Overbust Long Bone Corset.

This black corset oozes class and elegance and would match any make-up style perfectly. This satin polyester fabric corset can be worn with either a pair of jeans or a skirt. It has a front stainless steel busk closure and a ten grommet lace up back with black ribbon lacing. As an added bonus, this corset comes with a matching G-string.

Victorian Décor

Victorian décor mainly consisted of where you lived. If you were a resident of the countryside, your focus was more of a garden variety. Those who lived in a city enjoyed more elite decorations including items that were inspired by balls, theaters, and parties. Any of the Atomic corsets could be worn in the style of the Victorian residence that influences you.

Victorian Art

Victorian art changed the way the world saw art. Instead of idealizing the events that were painted, usually military and noble figures, they changed the way they painted art to reflect accuracy and reality, rather than nobility. They wanted their audience to learn a moral lesson and felt it was the job of the artist to depict this lesson.

Any of the Atomic corsets could be worn during this Victorian art period, but the Atomic After Five Ruffles and Lace Overbust Corset and Atomic Beige Victorian Inspired Brocade Overbust Corset would pair the best with the art of the Victorian era.

There you have it! All you ever wanted to know regarding the Victorian era. Now that you are aware of the ten Victorian fashion corsets for daily wear, make sure you sport your Victorian style corset from Atomic Jane! As always contact us to get any of your questions answered. 

8 Corsets for Looking Gorgeous and Feeling Sexy

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This post is for all of our Gorgeous Atomic Diva's out there. 

I know what you want. You want to leave your house looking gorgeous and feeling sexy. You want the curves of Marilyn Monroe and Betty Davis eyes. Do you know the kind of woman I'm talking about?

The kind of woman that commands a room when she steps in. A woman that makes that tall, dark, and handsome stranger thank God he's a man. Well girl, I have got just the corsets in mind to make it happen for you. 

Get ready to fall in love with your new favorite outfit - because today's post has some of our best head-turning pieces. 

Gothic Fashion & Victorian Fashion

We are starting our list off strong, with a delicate and unique Gothic corset. This overbust corset is delicate, romantic, and feminine. Envision yourself as the ultimate Gothic princess while wearing this one with your favorite jeans, black skinnies, or pencil skirt. 

The satin pleats, the bows, the lace - it's almost too perfect.  Puffy cap sleeves finish the look off, making this piece a touch Victorian fashion, too. The back laces up beautifully with a ribbon and zipper closure. 

Tim Burton Character Style Corset

Can you say, sizzle? OMG this corset is so sexy. That isn't even the best part. It's versatile. It's a goth corset. It's a Victorian corset. 

It's easy to picture this corset featured on one of Tim Burton's leading ladies. His favorite muse, the lovely Miss Helena Bonham Carter would totally rock this bad boy on the Red Carpet. You can take a peek at some of her corset love over at this post

The jacquard print fabric offers compliment to the antique front buttons. The back laces up with heavy cord lacing  and it comes with steel bones.  You know what that means? This Gothic corset is available for tight lacing.

You might feel this one is a bit too risky for the office, so throw on a blazer or a cardigan over it to downplay the sexiness. Accessorize to your hearts delight with this piece, ladies. The monochromatic nature of the overbust corset makes this the perfect piece for busting out that statement necklace you have been looking for an excuse to wear. 

White Overbust Corset 

Our last two feature corset's took a walk on the dark side. Here's one that brightens things up a bit. 

The wide shoulder straps will give you a bit of extra support. This is huge for ladies who are afraid to go strapless because of a larger bust area. The delicate ribbon lace-up front and back makes this piece a classic corset top. 

The old saying, that black makes you appear slimmer is false. I know. We've been lied to. The truth is a well fitting piece of clothing, like this corset top will make you appear much more slender than any ill fitting or not nearly as sexy dark colored outfit ever will. Keep that in mind while admiring this beauty. 


Underbust Corsets 

Underbust corsets can be worn over or under clothes. These next few we will be talking about wearing over clothing to create a new look to an old favorite. The tank top.

We've all got them. Under our favorite shirt or by layered by themselves worn with jeans; the tank is an essential. Now, what if I were to tell you this staple piece of clothing could go from laid back to sexy in the time it took to fasten a few hooks and tie some ribbon?Sounds pretty good, right?

Take this Black And White Stripe Halter Underbust Corset. This can be worn over anything. A T. A blouse. What the model shows- over a tank, is the perfect fast outfit change. She went from low key to; OMG, like, whoa!  The halter gives you support and ensures this baby isn't going anywhere. 

The SteamPunk Underbust Corset

Remember when I said you "could" wear an underbust, under your clothes? This piece is a great example that you would not want to do that with. The fantastic buckles and chain accent would snag against your outer layer and even worse; they would be hidden!

Don't make the corset sad like that. Instead let your inner SteamPunk princess out with this SteamPunk Corset. 

Because this corset is steel boned, go ahead and cinch your waist to your hearts delight. The double zipper front closure and faux leather panels will help keep your tummy area nice and smooth while you flaunt that teeny-tiny waist. It's a win-win. 

Honestly, go crazy with the creativity of this underbust corset. Pair with jeans for a western SteamPunk feel. Go with a flowy skirt for a victorian fashion Steampunk look. 

Waist Trainers 

Hollywood is obsessed with waist trainers. Heck, I'm obsessed with waist trainers. They are a bit different than the underbust corsets we talked about above. Let us examine. 

You know Kim Kardashian's waist trainer? The one she uses over her clothes at the gym and under her clothes pretty much everywhere else? Ok. Well that type of trainer is the style below. In fact, if you check her pics, this one matches hers to a T. (Or a "K")

This is a latex waist trainer. It has steel bones and fastens in the front. It's also referred to as a vest waist trainer because of the underbust style. 

If you are looking to lose weight, train your waist, or melt off those extra inches while you workout like Kim K does, this is your new BFF.


Foundation Waist Trainer

At the beginning of this post I told you I had chosen corsets to help you look good and feel sexy. With a piece like this underbust waist trainer, you can achieve a smaller appearing waist under any outfit you already own. 

It can be a huge boost to your confidence to have a foundational piece like this underbust corset in your closet. Any dress or shirt can be layered on top and by the very nature of the corset - you will not be able to detect you are wearing it underneath. 

This black underbust corset features steel bones and 3 levels of adjusments via the front eyehooks. This means the corsets can grow smaller (or bigger, after that extra piece of pie) with you. 

The LongLine Waist Training Corset 

Whenever I see this lovely long line waist training corset, I am immediately transported to Kate Winset's character of Rose in Titanic. I adore the Victorian fashion influence this simple and elegant piece presents. 

This piece can literally perform, any of the functions previously mentioned in the post to this point. You may choose to wear this piece as a corset top. It can be worn over pants with the bottom tucked in, or over a skirt with the bottom over the top - and create a gorgeous silhouette.

This steel boned corset is also a waist trainer. It has 26 spiral steel bones that draw the waist in, allow for tight lacing and keep the tummy flat.  If using for waist training it should be worn under your outfit. Although, you may choose to wear a light T or camisole underneath for comfort. 


Spring Festival Wear

We got through all those fabulous corsets! Did you choose your favorite?

Now, because spring is just around the corner - peeking her head out slowly, as a bonus - I choose a few pieces to help you out with your first festival of the year. 



First up, the Bell Raiser Paisley Print Red Dress. It's long sleeves are bell shaped. So hippy - so Coachella. Don't forget to peep the crochet at the bottoms. Best worn while swaying on the grass and laughing with friends.  



If you think you might be in for a long day of walking - opt for this flowing fringe tank. Great length for extra coverage and loose enough to be layered for a different look. Bangles and flower crown accessories encouraged. 

We hope you already know how beautiful and sexy of a woman you are. Having the extra help of a killer outfit and the waist cinching a corset has to offer can only add icing to the cake. Go ahead and imagine yourself in your favorite and don't be shy about reaching out to us for help with choosing the best size for you. Send your question to 

Don't forge to follow us on Instagram



Top 7 Steampunk Movies

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Here at Atomic Jane, we’re a little obsessed with Steampunk these days and with good reason. That reason? Because it's awesome.  Are you a movie buff who loves the unique? Adore a fantastical story set in another era, or even dimension? If you enthusiastically said "Yes!" then you need to check out Steampunk movies. 

*Bonus we've thrown in a few outfit ideas if you want to pay a little homage or get into some cosplay. Without further adieu – let us begin:

Mad Max Fury Road

This Steampunk movie took the world by storm. I mean, hello? It was nominated for an Oscar. Not just any Oscar either, Picture of the Year. While it didn’t win, Fury Road fans are a fierce and fiery bunch so you can guarantee there is a sequel in the works. 



In this crazy high-action, thriller film – we get to experience a post-apocalyptic world filled with Steampunk delights. The best way to describe this story: Man is captured, man escapes, man and a tribe of beautiful women go on the baddest, bloodiest, road race you have ever seen. 

As you might have noticed above, yes, Charlize Theron is in it, and yes, she is wearing goggles. If that doesn’t say Steampunk we don’t know what does. Be sure to enjoy all the details of this film, the metal, the chains and, of course, those bad boy cars.


Mad Max Inspired Fashion

The female costumes in Mad Max range from tattered-torn rags and leather to well-fitted bodices. For that reason we choose this bad girl- one shoulder Steampunk over bust corset. 

This black faux leather steel boned corset features a heavy cord lace up back. Heavy cords can be used for tight lacing.  Front zipper closures and underwire cups will help this piece hug your body and give your bust support. 


Golden Compass

The film adaptation of the beloved modern classic, The Golden Compass, absolutely makes our list. If you are unfamiliar with the story here is a brief summary. This story takes place in an alternate universe where a church, named the Magisterium, rules the world.

Our hero is young Lyra. Lyra is accompanied by her animal – which also happens to carry a portion of her soul. After witnessing some horrible stuff, Lyra goes on the grandest of adventures. Did we mention there are also evil kidnappers called the Gobblers?

As you can see from this image, Lyra’s animal companion is wearing the coolest armor any animal has ever had. This mix of fantasy, mechanics, and wonder makes the Golden Compass steam lover approved.


The Golden Compass Inspired Fashion

This outfit combo honors the films magical moments, yet nods it's hat to the classic pieces featured throughout the film. 

This lovely black over bust corset is solid in the bust area with a see through elastic mesh throughout the bodice and has a black ribbon lace up back. If you are feeling a bit modest layer this corset with a tank of your choosing underneath.


Wild Wild West

Next up; an oldie by goody. Will Smith’s 1999, Wild Wild West takes on the western Steampunk movie genre head on.  Technically, it's a remake the 1960’s television show – but most would agree this film had little to do with the original inspiration. This rendition is all gadgets, gizmos, and giant mechanical spiders.

A central point of Steampunk is taking the past, and re-imagining with technology from the future. By definition; cowboys + robots = Steampunk.

Wild Wild West is a comedy. Rare, when it comes to Steampunk movies so don’t expect deep thoughts. Instead, sit back and get lost in the steam tankers and flying machines…and cowboys.


Wild Wild West Inspired Fashion

This Steampunk Halter has steel bones and captures the essence of steam with its black and brown steel boned bodice. The faux leather and metal accents will look great with chunky accessories like boots or platform sandals. Heavy cord lace up back, for all you gals who love your tight lacing. 


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

League of Extraordinary Gentleman is a Steampunk triple threat. Originally a graphic novel, the series boasts mad spin-offs, and of course, the 2003 film. Starring Sean Connery, this was his last performance before entering into retirement. Back in 2003, the world was not yet obsessed with comics turned to film, not just yet. Because of this the movie fared only so-so with viewers.

But that doesn't mean it's not still one fantastic steam movie.On a previous blog we reviewed the series if you’re interested in learning more about the plot – which features beloved characters from the Victorian age, such as Mina from Dracula and Captain Nemo. 

The graphic novel series is straight Victorian Steampunk, and the film tried to stay as close to volume one in the series as they could. Great news for Steampunk movie buffs: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2 is in the works. You can expect more on this later this year.


A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Inspired Fashion

In the film, Mina sports a black metal overbust corset. Since a full-on metal corset might not be the most comfortable, we went for the next best thing. Check out this vegan leather overbust corset, complete with tons of metal.  


Haven't heard of vegan leather yet? Check out a past post and learn more about it. This overbust corset can be paired with leather leggings, jeans or your favorite bottoms for fighting crime and saving the world. 


Van Helsing

Monsters galore! If you love steam, and you love horror –  it should be no surprise Van Helsing made our list.

Van Helsing re-imagines the slaying of Dracula. Only this time, Frankenstein and werewolves are involved. Amazing, right?

Action packed, dark, gothic, and full of Victorian Steampunk nods. Starring Hugh Jackman as the title character and Kate Beckinsale as Anna. This is Kate’s second time being featured here on the Atomic Jane blog. We adored her Underworld corsets in that post and she looks just as amazing in film.


Van Helsing Inspired Fashion

Kate's costume is a super-sexy underbust corset. Underneath she wears a blousy- light, floral top.   This brown faux leather underbust would totally get her character's approval. 

The side halter design gives extra support. This stunning halter under bust has awesome front buckle details with a front busk closure, and stud details along the edges. The back laces up for cinching and, of course, it's fully steel boned. Take your inspiration from Kate and match with a pop of color and your favorite jeans. 


Sleepy Hollow

1999 was a good year for Steampunk movies. Not only did we get Wild Wild West, but Tim Burton brought up Sleepy Hollow. To be fair, pretty much anything Tim Burton touches will usually have Steampunk undertones. Sleepy Hollow, however, is the real deal.

The movie starrs, pretty much, everyone’s favorite actor, the one and only Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. The movie is based on the 1800’s story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Depp plays Ichabod Crane, a police constable investigating a slew of grisly murders and a nightmare invoking bad guy, eloquently known as, the Headless Horseman.

My favorite part of this movie is the fashion. Victorian, corsets,  and velvet, mixed with Gothic fashion – give tons of inspiration for your next Steampunk outfit.


Sleepy Hollow Inspired Fashion

A movie about a man without a head totally deserves an outfit with a spooky flair. 

The Atomic Black Skull Underbust Corset features an all over skull print, solid black trim, a steel front busk closure and a lace up back. A matching thong is included. Take cues from our outfit combo above and layer over your favorite little black dress. 



It might surprise you that a cartoon made the cut. This isn’t just any cartoon. The adorable and addicting 2005 film, Robots, is amazing. The graphics are terrific. There are tons of inside jokes, only adults could appreciate and it’s seriously steam.

Robot’s introduces us to a world where everyone is…you guessed it! A robot. The main character, Rodney Copperbottom (how cute is that name?) is voiced by Ewan McGregor. Some of the other big names you will recognize; Mel Brooks, Robin Williams, and Greg Kinnear.

Steam powered machines, futuristic technology, and lots of gears make Robots full steam ahead. We highly recommend adding this little gem to the Netflix cue.


Robots Inspired Fashion

If you have ever wanted to be a robot, but worry all those actual gears and metal costume might be a bit confining, this under bust corset is the next best thing.

This stunning Atomic Dark Brown and Black Steam Steel Boned Underbust Corset is a brocade Steampunk underbust featuring 14 steel bones, heavy cording and a modesty panel. That means you can get your tight lacing on to your hearts desire!

It features so many leather accents, four heavy front metal clasp closures, four zip front details, and a long, metal Victoria style chain. The bottom has metal rivet details over triple cascading black faux leather. Let your inner robot our with this super-steam-loving piece. 

There you have it, our favorite 7 Steampunk movies. Have you seen them all? Which was your favorite (we're going to guess, it was Mad Max). Go ahead and let us know in the comments. If you're totally loving these corsets and need help choosing the perfect size send us an email at


Steampunk Books – Reading Recommendations and Your Guide to the Genre

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Today we'll be diving straight into the ever growing eclectic and enticing genre of Steampunk literature. So grab your finest reading monocle and get ready to discover your new favorite Steampunk book.

Mini Steampunk Overview

In case you're unfamiliar with Steampunk, here are a few basics.  You can read  a more in-depth history of Steampunk here in this blog post. 

Steampunk is a retro-futuristic style of art, clothing, and as we are talking about today, literature. The style includes Victorian, fantasy, the Industrial Revolution, and often a futuristic Wild Wild West.

You know how Star Wars is kind of like, the Cowboy and Indian days of the future on a planet with super-technology? Ok. Now, hold on to that thought and imagine our own history, but with super-technology involved.

Pretty cool, right?

The Steampunk Book Genre

The genre is active and rapidly growing. A quick search on Amazon Kindle available titles launches over 700 titles in the Steampunk genre. That’s a pretty penny's worth of metal gears and top hats!

If you're looking to check out some passionate, period-set adventure stories, start with Kindle eBooks.

If you have Prime subscription most of the books are free. Also, most of these self-published books can be snatched up for $3.00 and under.

Although, we acknowledge that most authentic steamers would probably prefer a leather bound, hand-written novel and might quietly protest the digital format.

However, an electronic reading device is the perfect element in the technology, futuristic part of this unique genre.

Must Read List Featuring Amazing Steam Heroines

Here’s a list of reading material to scratch your steaming itch for a good read.

  1. The Girl in the Steel Corset

Come on now, you know I was going to love this one! The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross (Kathryn Smiths pseudonym) is the first book in a YA series The Steampunk Chronicles.

Don’t let the YA label be a turn-off. After all, Harry Potter is technically a children’s book. YA brought us Twilight, The Hunger Games, and by way of proxy, 50 Shades of Gray.

In Cross’s story, Finely Jayne, the lead protagonist is a certified badass. She’s totally empowered, not afraid to fight the bad guys, and brilliant.

Make sure you buy the copy with the prequel novella introducing you to Finely so you don’t miss a thing.

  1. Boneshaker

Cherie Priest brings Briar Wilkes alive in the adventure loving novel, Boneshaker. Part of The Clockwork Century series, Boneshaker is full of mysteries, airships, Steampunk elements…oh, and zombies.

Yes! I said, zombies. Cherie, how could you know to hit every sweet spot in one short book? Briar wandering through a post-apocalyptic Seattle in the 1800’s will leave you delighted and sometimes terrified. But, in a really good way. I promise.

  1. The Clockwork Scarab: A Stoker & Holmes Novel

By now you may have noticed, the word, “Clockwork” is popular in Steam Literature. Don’t let that dissuade you from trying out Colleen Gleason’s heck of a ride Steampunk story.

Ok. Are you ready for the juicy details? Get this. The sister of Bram Stroker, Evaline, and the niece of Sherlock Holmes, Mina, team up to solve mysteries and hunt vampires!

I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. It’s Steam. It’s Victorian. It’s 1889 in London and it’s fabulous.  You will thank me for this one.

Honorable Steam Mentions


Mary Shelley wasn’t messing around when it came to churning out a seriously, scary story. That woman was like, “Oh, you want nightmares? I got you.“

While Frankenstein might not immediately strike you as a Steampunk book, let’s examine the facts: the book is science fiction and by default, it takes place in Victorian times. Sounds Steampunk inspired to me.

Leviathan (The Leviathan Trilogy)

Leviathan is one of the most beloved books in the Steampunk genre.  History buffs will get a kick out of Scott Westerfeld’s reimagining of World War I in an alternate historical universe. There’s a bit of actual history, such as the basics of how WWI actually started.

Strong female character lovers will delight in the character of Deryn, who's only 15 and impersonating a boy named Dylan, to sneak her way up on to the British Air Service war machine, aptly named, the Leviathan.

Popular Classics

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen has the distinction of making our list yet not being a “book.” This comic book series is written by Alan Moore and illustrated in intricate detail, by Kevin O’Neill.

This story is told over 12 comics, split into 2 series, a graphic novel, and a spin-off trilogy. The series uniquely incorporates many other works of fiction within the world of “League”.

League is set in Victorian England, with characters such as Captain Nemo, Fu Manchu, Dr. Jekyll, The Invisible Man and Sherlock Holmes arch nemesis.

They encounter the events of Wells’s, The War of the Worlds, and Nineteen Eighty Four, among other popular steam genre references.

The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass has been described as a children’s book that can only be appreciated by the adult reader. Philpp Pulman’s masterpiece is considered to be a modern fantasy classic, and a favorite Steampunk book.  

The story features in no particular order: magic, science, theology, fantasy, and a polar bear that wears metal armor. That’s one serious punk polar bear!

Fascinating Books with Fascinating Authors

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Again, here we have a case of steam genre-by-default. This classic horror story is set in England which, of course, is a common almost expected backdrop for the Steampunk genre.

For me, I think an interesting fun fact is about Robert Louis Stevenson, the author of Jekyll and Hyde. Here we have a man who wrote the loveable classic, Treasure Island

then, afterward goes on the write this classic tale going deep into the human psyche. A real juxtaposition, but alright Robert, whatever floats your Steampunk boat.

The Time Machine

H.G. Wells. What is there to say about this writer? Can you even imagine what it must have been like to hang out with him?

Not only did he give us The Time Machine, a classic Steampunk novel with time travel, which made for a beautifully dark, futuristic masterpiece. But he didn't stop there. He also gave us several other fantastic pieces of writing such as The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, and The Island of Doctor Moreau.

Herbert George, penned H. G. Wells, certainly had a penchant for crafting an enchanting tale. In The Time Machine, during a traditional English dinner party, a group of proper gentlemen are introduced to the idea of “the fourth dimension." I don’t think I’m giving anything away here by letting you know there will be some traveling in time by the books end.  

This book is sci-fi tested, steam lover approved. As a plus, you get to tell people you’re currently reading some H.G. Wells at your next cocktail party.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Are you ready to kick it old school, as in 1869 school? That was the date this classic was first published and it’s been a favorite among the super science fiction loving crowd ever since.

Jules Verne is hailed as a visionary for predicting futuristic technologies, such as a suit that would allow you to dive undersea, an electric motor, and major warships.

The book is articulate, science heavy, and written in true Victorian fashion.

Whew! What a post. Did you find your next Kindle read? Don't forget, most of these books, especially the classics, are available as an audio book so go ahead. Indulge yourself in the world of googles. Time travel through dark and dreary London and lose yourself in these fantastic Steampunk stories.

If you find something you love, or if I mentioned your favorite Steampunk fantasy, please let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading!

A Classic Treat: Vintage Corset Looks

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Hey there Atomic Vixens!

Are you ready for a super- scrumptious, video treat? I hope so. Go right ahead and clear your schedule for the next 5 minutes.  You are not going to want to miss this.

Drumroll please: da da da da da da da da

Alright; that's enough suspense. Here's your treat:

Atomic Jane Clothing recently had the honor of seeing the one and only Miss CherryDollface (OMG!) put together some amazing, sexy, smart, vintage looks in one of her infamous Youtube videos. 

I know! Amazing right? We totally loved the tips and ideas she shared with her fans. Check it out for yourself. Don't forget to scroll down after the video for more info on the pieces Cherry wore. 



Outfit #1: The Nautical Striped Halter

Cherry made a great point. You can get two totally different looks by wearing the corset over your clothes or under. This piece is fun and versatile. The navy and white striped halter corset has matching striped lapels on the straps, a ribbon detail in front, satin bust with darts for shaping and satin trim along the lower edge.

It has a front busk closure, and a ribbon lace up back. Perfect with pants, jeans, skirt or shorts. Go anywhere in this one.

Outfit #2: The Versatile Black Underbust

Have a dress in the back of the closet that could use some new life? Add this underbust corset ontop like Cherry did to her dress. Of course you could always wear it under your clothes for cinching the waist and slimming the tummy area. 

This little corset has a clean, simple design with a four front busk closure and heavy cording in back for tight lacing.


Outfit #3: The Adorable Vintage Pink Polka Dot Corset


Cherry choose to pair this cute little number with capri pants. We "heart" this. For her second outfit, she tucked it inside high waist shorts. Wow. What a complete different look. Perfect for an easy summer outfit. 

Adorable pin-up polka dot corset has detailed, black lace overlay bra cups with underwire support, attached, pink satin belt, little bow details, and  hook and eye back closure.

Outfit #4: The Naughty Vintage Steampunk Corset

This Stunning Black Brocade Corset features a steel boned bodice with faux leather accents and a removable high neck shrug, large snap up pocket attached, zipper on the side and a lace-up panel in the back. And of course. A thong. 

Outfit #5: The Sexy Goth Halter with Cool Clasps


This black Steampunk jacquard overbust corset has a halter neckline and turn back collar, adjustable clasp behind the neck, four metal front busk closures and a "V" cut on bottom edge.

Both the top and bottom edges are trimmed in faux black leather. It features a corded lace up back and includes a matching G-string.

Did you have a favorite outfit in Cherry's video? We want to know which one! Leave a comment or shoot us an email at