Atomic Brown PU Leather Holster Bag


The Atomic Brown PU Leather Holster Bag features antique brown faux leather, snakeskin pattern details on the front, brass chains, D-rings, grommets, rivets, studs, and buckles. 

Bag Size: 7 x 9 Inches (LxH)
Waistband: 20 Inches
Main Strap: 59 Inches (Has many options for adjustments)

There are a few ways to wear the bag:

  1. Around your waist like a holster bag. 
  2. Undo the straps and it can be also transformed into a bag worn like a shoulder holster bag. (secured in place with extra back piece included, see photo). 
  3. Extend the straps full size to be worn like a bag/purse. (also remove the bottom leg strap and clip on wherever you want to create your own look or to detour muggers). 

Please allow 7-10 days for processing. 
Please allow approx. 4 to 5 weeks for delivery.