Atomic Star Studded Faux Leather Bag


The Atomic Star Studded Faux Leather Bag features a black PU leather bag, brass hardware, clips, D-rings, zipper, and pockets. It is designed with a star and rivets on the front flap pocket. There are 3 pockets (2 zipper pockets and one flap pocket).

The bag size about 7.2 inches * 9.5 inches (L*H)
The waistband measures 19.6 inches, the main strap measures 59 inches and has many options for adjustments

There are a few ways to wear the bag:

  1. Around your waist like a holster bag.
  2. Undo the straps and it can be also transformed into a bag worn like a shoulder holster bag. (secured in place with extra back piece included, see photo).
  3. Extended the straps full size to be worn like a bag/purse. (also remove the bottom leg strap and clip on wherever you want to create your own look).


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