Roma Wild Stripe Catsuit

Introduce the Roma Wild Stripe Catsuit, a daring and alluring addition to any lingerie collection.

This catsuit is made from tiger-striped mesh and features a zipper closure that runs down the back. The tiger-striped mesh gives a wild and exotic look to the catsuit, perfect for a daring surprise for your partner. This catsuit will cling to your body, highlighting your figure and making sure all eyes are on you. 

Ships from the US.

Size Chart: 

Size Cup Bust (in) Waist (in) Hips (in)
XS A-B 30-32 21-23 32-34
A-B 32-34 23-25 34-36
M B-C 34-37 25-28 36-39
L C-D 37-40 28-31 39-41
XL D-DD 40-42 31-33 41-43