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Your Quick Guide To 1950's Fashion!

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1950's Fashion 1950's Dress

If you love 1950's fashion as much as we do, you're familiar with that warm, happy feeling you get whenever you think of the bright patterns, feminine silhouettes, and scenes of drive-in movies and diners of that special decade.

We're so incredibly in love with 1950's fashion here at Atomic Jane, made clear through our extensive selection of beautiful 1950's dresses and skirts!

Because we hold these pieces so dear, we want to feature them in a special way for all of you vixens to see just how much fun you can have with 1950's fashion.

Throughout this week's post, we'll go through a brief overview of what makes 1950's fashion so special and give you a peek at how an Atomic Babe would style a few of our favorite pieces!

Let's not waste any more time and get right to it!


1950's Fashion 1950's Dress


A notable characteristic about this decade of fashion is its roots in conformity. In this post-war time of economic boom and deep focus on "Keeping Up With The Jones's", there was not much stray from the shape of the clothing for women during this time period and the hourglass figure completely ruled fashion.

Where women were really able to express themselves was within the bright, beautiful colors and patterns of their clothing, as well as the bold accessories and makeup of the time.

This being said, we can easily break down 1950's fashion into three steps:

  1. The Dress/The Skirt
  2. The Accessories
  3. The Makeup

Although we'll highlight multiple different styles of dresses and skirts that were so signature to 1950's fashion, these pieces have one very important thing in common: they are smart, clean, and accentuated the hourglass figure in the most incredibly flattering way.

The accessories popular to the time followed suit in their crisp appearance, and more often than not, perfectly matched the main color, namely the dress or the skirt. Women were ultra-feminine and ultra-put together, never failing to complete the outfit to the highest degree!

When it came to makeup, the lips were the star of the 1950's! Lipstick, lipstick, lipstick was the name of the game. Although red lips were center stage, Audrey Hepburn's declared love of pink played a part in popularizing shades of pink and peach throughout these years. Who knew?



Now that you have a solid foundation of the basic components of 1950's fashion, it's time to run through a few of our absolute favorite 1950's inspired dresses and skirts at Atomic Jane!

We have a plethora, and I really mean a plethora, of beautiful dresses and skirts to choose from, perfect for any and all occasions.

Because these pieces are so versatile, it can be a task to figure out just when and where to wear them (and how!).

Have no fear ladies, we took it upon ourselves to choose some of our favorite pieces and accessorize them specific to each occasion.

There's a lot of room for creativity and interpretation here, so take this as a dash of inspiration to make any of these beautiful 1950's pieces your own. Click on any of the sets below to go to their individual purchase pages on our website!

Let's go!


The Pleated Skirt


Say hello to our Atomic Red Rose Rockabilly Skirt! The pleated skirt was one of the most popular styles of the decade, and this beautiful rose pattern makes it more feminine than we can put into words.

Perfect for a date night at the diner, we've paired this beauty with a simple black collared top, beautiful little bow kitten heels, and a matching black clutch. All you need is your bright red rose lipstick and you're ready for a night you'll never forget!

Make this 1950's inspired skirt the newest member of your closet for $45 in sizes S-2XL!


The Cocktail Dress


This is our too-sweet-for-words Atomic 1950's Sunflower Sleeveless Cocktail Dress With Belt! How perfect is this for those hot summer days (or nights)? We've paired this sunny 1950's dress with a matching yellow clutch and strappy kitten heel, finishing the look with that bright red lipstick so popular throughout the decade.

Find this beauty on our website for only $55, in sizes S-2XL!


The Poodle Skirt


How sweet is this look? One of the most classic fashion pieces of the 1950's, the poodle skirt is beyond adorable. Feast your eyes on our Atomic Black Rockabilly Skirt with Pink Poodle!

We've paired it here with this beautiful cream top and kitten heel, adding a fun, fluffy accessory to take that sweetness to the next level. Top the look off with this stunning bright pink lip and you'll be ready to dance the night away!

This gorgeous skirt is $55 and comes in sizes S-2XL!


The Casual Swing Dress


Lastly, we're featuring our Atomic Vintage Polka Dot Bow Casual Swing Dress With Belt. This style was wildly popular for more casual occasions throughout the decade, and we've taken wonderful inspiration here from one of our favorite 1950's fashion movies, Grease!

For a more turned down, but still incredibly clean and classic look, we've styled this 1950's dress with beautiful two-toned oxfords, a lovely peach neck scarf, and (again) a classic red lip! We just can't get enough of this look and the ladies of the day couldn't either.

Make this stunning piece yours for only $59, in sizes S-4XL!


Our time has come to a close, ladies!

Now that you've got the basics and you know the three steps of building a 1950's inspired outfit, it's time to make these your own! You have sooooo many options! And that's a good thing:)

We have many more dresses and skirts where these came from, so be sure to head over to our website,, to continue exploring your options.

With our extensive Rockabilly selections, you'll be sure to find the perfect look. We can't wait to see what what you come up with!

As always, please reach out to us with any comments or questions at We love to hear from our vixens!

Until next time, happy shopping Atomic Babes!