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Is Waist Training Safe? Truth vs. Myth

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Is Waist Training Safe? Truth vs. Myth

Waist training! It's been around for-ev-er but its seen a recent revival in popularity thanks to celebrities and influencers like Ms. Kim K, pictured above in this famous mirror selfie. Along with an increase in popularity, these celebrity endorsements have welcomed a flood of questions and concerns about the health and safety of waist training. Is waist training safe?

Although there's absolutely a wrong way to go about waist training that could have major implications on your health (we’ll get into the details of those later), there's also an absolutely safe and beneficial way to use waist training to improve your appearance as well as your physical well-being!

Because of all the noise and confusion associated with the safety of waist training, we thought we'd provide you with a one-stop shop to address all of your questions and concerns, and run through a couple of different waist training products we offer at Atomic Jane that may tickle your fancy. Happy reading, Atomic babes!


Is Waist Training Safe?

Waist training has been around for literally thousands of years with the sole purpose of reducing a woman's natural waist size. Although having roots as far back as 3,000 BC (woah), the most notable era of waist training popularity was the Victorian Era.

It was during this time that waist training was in it’s most widespread (and intense) form. There's no shortage of shocking images of women with waists so small you could probably fit your hand around them, most having fallen victim to the overwhelming social pressure to have increasingly smaller waistlines.

During this time it wasn't out of the ordinary for women to take extreme measures, putting their bodies and overall physical health at risk.

Fast forward to today, after periods of on and off popularity (very off in the ‘60s and ‘70s and semi-on in the ‘80s), the waist training movement has taken on a much different and modern form, gaining popularity through celebrity-sponsored social media posts.

A handful of celebrities have come out as waist training enthusiasts, and unlike the culture of our unfortunate predecessors, waist training today has a much more liberating purpose for women and their health!

Truth or Myth?


"Waist training is dangerous in every context and something to be avoided if you’re not interested in having trouble breathing or having your organs permanently misplaced."


Waist training is safe! And there's a correct and comfortable way to waist train. Although the previously mentioned, scary effects of waist training are an unfortunate reality if done incorrectly, there's an incredibly safe and beneficial way to waist train.

One of the biggest and most common mistakes made while waist training is waist training at an incorrect pace. Waist training takes time, and like anything that takes time, a certain amount of patience and consistency is required.

The danger in waist training comes when too much is done too fast, shocking the body and causing these physical health issues and discomfort.

A really good rule of thumb here is to listen to your body. Feeling super uncomfortable? Take it off! By working gradually with the rhythm of your body, you'll naturally be able to increase the time you have the waist trainer on and safely avoid discomfort.


"Waist training is used for the sole purpose of making a woman’s waist smaller, making her more societally accepted because she fits a certain standard of beauty."


No, no, no! Although this was the case way back in the day, waist training has evolved so much in its benefits and usage. Waist trainers are still known for their ability to slim the waist but in a very different context.

Waist training works wonders to improve self-love and self-confidence! It can be used to subtly reshape your stomach area and reduce love handles, a change that can make such a huge difference in the confidence of a woman and her ability to see herself as the beautiful creature that she is.

Waist training is often also used after pregnancy to get new mamas back to their bombshell shape and allow them to continue to feel like themselves after the body-changing experience of giving birth.

Waist training also works wonders to improve your posture. In the age of computers and cell phones, we spend so much of our time hunched over looking at our screens.

Waist training automatically corrects your posture, strengthening the muscles in your back and shoulders and leaving a lasting impact on your overall posture, even when the waist trainer comes off.

This can make a huge difference in a woman’s back health, breathing, and everything that comes along with having perfect posture!


Waist Training Products

Now that you have an idea of the history behind waist training and the major concerns involved with it, we'll introduce you to a few of our favorite Atomic Jane waist trainers! Each of these will provide you with the benefit of feeling nothing but strong, confident, and beautiful.

Click on any of these gorgeous items and you'll be taken to each of their individual product pages on our website! Because a perfectly fitted waist trainer garners the best results, we'll provide you with a cheat sheet sizing guide at the end of this post to ensure that you get into the absolute perfect piece for your bombshell body. Let's go!


Atomic Black Lace Steel Boned Waist Cincher Underbust Corset

Is Waist Training Safe?


Say hello to one of our most classic and popular waist trainers, the Atomic Black Lace Steel Boned Waist Cincher Underbust Corset! A lot of what you need to know about this bad boy is already in its name, but this is such an amazing option to choose when looking for something basic, solid and foundational.

Its steel boned construction and three level adjustable hook and eye front closure paired with its subtle lace detail make this waist trainer a classic and beautiful option to use to enhance that hourglass figure of yours! It can be purchased in sizes XS - 6XL and comes in at only $49!


Atomic Apricot Lace Steel Boned Waist Cincher Underbust Corset

Is Waist Training Safe?


You're currently looking at our Atomic Apricot Lace Steel Boned Waist Cincher Underbust Corset! Say that five times fast. Its steel boned construction makes it a sturdy and strong choice and its neutral color and lace detail make it so incredibly soft and romantic. This combination of strength and femininity will leave you feeling like the bombshell that you truly are!

This baby comes in sizes XS-6XL and is only $45!


Atomic Crazy Mod Steel Boned Underbust Corset

Is Waist Training Safe?


Are you a bit more of a wild child? Time to drool over our super adorable Atomic Crazy Mod Steel Boned Underbust Corset! The rainbow, mod, animal print adds such a pop of personality and color to this super solid steel boned waist cincher. It comes in sizes XS - 3X and can be added to your closet for just $59!

Fans of this waist trainer will be very happy to hear that by jumping on over to our website you can find this same exact style in a skull print as well as a super fun Batman inspired print! What are you waiting for?



Is Waist Training Safe?


Ladies, it can never be said enough: sizing is so so so important! Your comfort and results rely on you getting into the absolute perfect waist trainer just for you. We want to do our best to give you every resource we can, so here's our sizing guide to help you find the perfect fit!

For additional beautiful waist training products, corsets and more, head over to and see all the exciting things we have in store! If you have any additional questions about the safety of waist training, need help finding your size, or have anything else that is on your mind, never hesitate to contact us at!

 Happy Shopping, Atomic babes!