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How to Have a Perfect Boudoir Photoshoot

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Have you been enviously admiring your friend’s boudoir photo sessions from afar? If you are getting married soon, you may be considering having your own boudoir session. In either case, this post is for you! Today we are talking about how to have the perfect (ahem- and most flattering!) boudoir photo shoot ever. We will also learn a bit about the art of boudoir photography and how it all started. Let’s begin.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir photography is the art of  sexy, smoking hot photos. It's taking the time to invest in yourself and create a tangible memory that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Boudoir photos are not smut, but more a classy-artistic opportunity for you to look and feel amazing. 

What To Wear, What to Wear

This question tortures women everywhere on a daily basis. Now add the stress of a photo shoot where the entire point is looking fantastically-sexy and it’s not hard to image panic setting in. Don’t worry. We got you. But first, we need to get real about body image.

Feeling Sexy

Tons of women have been known to love boudoir photography. They totally want to have their own shoot, but, you know, after they lose 20lbs. Or join a gym. Or (fill in blank with almost any answer).

There will always be something you wish you could change. Longer hair, softer elbows…
Here is the truth. You look great, today, right now- just as you are. All those imperfections and parts you wish you could tweak here and there? All of that can be strategically played down when working with a professional photographer. That’s what they do! It’s their job, literally, to make you look great. They know the angles, the lighting and all the tricks in the book.

Trust your photographer. If I just described your own fears about taking boudoir photos, set up a call with a photographer whose work you adore; and tell them your worries! Afraid of looking “fat”? There are camera angles and editing to glorify all your most sexy assets! All while minimizing the areas you might love, just not love enough to make front and center.

Clothes Can Be Sexy

Now that we’ve gotten the fear out of the way, let’s talk outfits. This is the fun part!
Boudoir demands a sexy outfit. Don’t confuse Boudoir with nudity- although, there are plenty of women who opt to take nude photoshoots- boudoir is all about the outfits. The allure, the tease…showing a bit of skin, but not too much. You have a range of options.

Corsets are a boudoir favorite and with good reason. They accentuate all the right areas, while "pulling it all in" and making you appear slimmer. This overbust corset above is girly, feminine and playful. It's not hard to imagine stretching out on a gorgeous backdrop and feeling beautiful while you wear it. 

If you choose to wear a corset to your boudoir photo shoot there's an endless amount of pairing options. Fishnets, hosiery, thongs, boyshorts...whatever your favorite bottoms might be- will seamlessly compliment your outrageous curves. 

This option above, a bustier babydoll, offers a number of benefits. First, the bracup top gives extra support and lift for some serious cleavage. Besides keeping the girls looking great, the loose flowy bottom can squash fears of having to show your tummy. This is a great option for a new mom, or any woman who prefers to hide the tummy. 

Another option is to wear a teddy. This red sheer bodysuit teddy offers peek-a-boo slits, but still provides coverage for a little mystique. While choosing a teddy to wear may seem like the "one and done" option, you still have some important choices to make when it comes to your outfit. Which brings me to our next topic, accessories. 


We all know no outfit is complete without a little flare, here and there. Here are a few accessories to add that little something extra to your shoot:

  • Crazy super-high heels. You know the kind. Those gorgeous ones from the magazines that you wonder allowed, "How does anyone walk around in those?"  What better time to try them out and make your legs look fantastic, then a boudoir shoot. After all, no walking is required. 
  • Jewelry. Listen, you aren't going to be taking beautiful photos of yourself everyday, so if ever there was a time to buy those perfect teardrop earrings you've been eyeing- its now. Choose light jewelry like delicate bracelets. Consider not wearing a necklace as to keep your decolletage (aka: the cleavage) free to be the star of the show.   

Where to Take Your Photos

Choosing where you take your photos may depend on the photographer you choose. Some boudoir photographers have their own lovely, romantic, and comfortable studios. Others, however, can arrange to take your boudoir photos in your own home. A third option, is renting a luxury hotel room for the afternoon. You can scout out locations ahead of time, by checking hotel photos online. 

Above all else, you need to be comfortable and able to relax. Your photographer may have the lights and the camera, but if your all stiff and hate the environment its going to show in the final product. 

The History of Boudoir

The word boudoir comes from a French word that means; sulking. It was adopted as the name of French ladies dressing rooms. These rooms were grand, luxurious spaces where a lady could hang out, get dressed and take her time enjoying the art of "getting ready". 

Swoon. We should all be so lucky to have one of these rooms. 
Years ago, women used boudoir photography to advertise. In the 1920s-1940's a number of starlets kept the boudoir trend going strong. Stars like Mae West and Clara Bow are two of the most beloved boudoir stars of all time. 
By the 1950's the pinup craze was in full force, and boudoir took a backseat for a few years. But...
Women have never stopped loving looking sexy- and so the art has lasted the test of time. 

Wedding Boudoir

Boudoir photography was also used in the past, as a gift to a fiance. This trend has made a comeback in a huge way. Today boudoir wedding shoots are extremely popular. So much so, that wedding boudoir photographers often book out months in advance, much like the service photographer. 

If you aren't sure what to get your finace as a wedding gift, trust me when I tell you- he will love a boudoir photo album. You will win the "best wife" award before you can even say, "I do." 

Nothing says blushing bride, like a white corset. This piece is complete with all the frills, lace, and ribbons. It is a perfect choice for a pre-wedding shoot. 

Like the old saying says: ...something borrowed, something blue. This blue satin overbust corset with black lace trim is sure to bring you all the good luck you need on your special day. 

Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her big day. There's no reason not to start feeling like royalty before the wedding. This beauty has steel bones, a sweetheart neckline, side zipper, and premium sequins. You are guaranteed to feel like the sexiest woman alive wearing this. Your fiance will agree. 

Hair and Makeup

Last but certainly not least; hair and makeup. For your special day if your photographer doesn't offer a hair and makeup professional, be sure to book your own. While you may be able to do your everyday makeup perfectly, a professional makeup artist knows what looks good on camera. 

So, what do you think? Are you ready for your own boudoir photoshoot? You deserve it girl! Now go take some great photos! We are always available here at Atomic Jane to help you choose the perfect outfit- so don't be afraid to reach out with any questions to





5 Mesh Lingerie Pieces You Can't Live Without

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 Mesh Lingerie Pieces You Can't Live Without

There is nothing quite like slipping on that perfect piece of lingerie that makes you feel like the sexiest woman in the world. With so many different options, it can take some trial and error to find a lingerie piece that makes you feel like the confident, sex kitten you really are!

One of the biggest factors that go into finding the right lingerie for you is finding the right material. Here at Atomic Jane, we are a huge fan of mesh. If you’re someone who values comfort as well as sex appeal, mesh lingerie is a perfect option for you!

Mesh lingerie will make you feel comfortable and sexy in your skin. It’s just an added bonus that it happens to be sheer, driving your irresistibility to the next level.

In order for you to get a better idea of the kind of lingerie we're talking about, we've put together a list of 5 Mesh Lingerie Pieces You Can't Live Without. Seriously, you can't go on living without them. All of these showstoppers are a combination of mesh and lace with to-die-for cuts and details!

Interested in purchasing? Click on your favorite featured mesh lingerie pieces and you'll be taken to each of their purchase pages on our website. Happy reading, Atomic babes!


#1. Atomic Purple Lace Mesh Teddy


Take a look at this knockout! We are starting our list off strong with our super sexy Atomic Purple Lace Mesh Teddy. The floral lace pattern carried throughout the entire bodice is feminine and sweet while the plunging neckline and exposed back makes it painfully sexy.

Yes, that is a belt that you see across the high waist! Just one of the many details that make this mesh lingerie as special as it is. Even better, it also comes in white (with a blue belt) and red! Add this piece to your closet for only $25 and wonder how you ever lived without it.


#2. Atomic Floral Lace Mesh Teddy


I know it is probably hard to concentrate on text this close to this drop-dead sexy photo, but try to stay with us for just a moment! You're currently drooling over one of our sexiest mesh lingerie pieces and number two on our list, the Atomic Floral Lace Mesh Teddy.

These criss-cross straps have an unreal sex appeal and are sure to drive anyone crazy with desire. The high gloves are just another super sexy detail and are included in the price of this mesh lingerie set for only $35! 


#3. Atomic Black Heart Mesh Teddy


Our third mesh lingerie piece that you can't live without is this barely there, sex-bomb mesh lingerie set, the Atomic Black Heart Mesh Teddy! This is one of our favorite and most daring pieces, featuring a flirty ruffle trim, sexy plunging cut, and a super skimpy g-string bottom.

Look a little closer and you'll see the adorable heart outline on the top of the panties, an irresistible touch of detail. This mesh lingerie piece can be your's for only $25 and purchased in red and pink as well!


#4. Atomic Black and Red Teddy 


How sweet is this? Number four on our list is our Atomic Black and Red Teddy! It's so playful and so sexy, a mesh lingerie piece that you absolutely need in your closet.

This knockout features a beautiful butterfly lace and stretch mesh bodice with crisscross floral lace accents running across the front. The cut and structure of this one are so seductive, boosting your confidence and sass to the next level.

Follow the link to the purchase page where you can fall even more in love with this piece after seeing the beautiful pink satin bow on the booty. Such a sweet surprise! This little number also comes in reverse colors with red lace and black mesh and can be yours for only $25.


#5. Atomic Red Lace Mesh Teddy


Rounding out our list of the 5 mesh lingerie pieces that we truly believe you cannot live without is our Atomic Red Lace Mesh Teddy! We saved our biggest statement piece for last, a set with so many beautiful details and cuts that whoever sees this on you will have no choice but to stop and stare.

This sexy, sheer, one-piece bodice is only made sexier by its unique lace trim cut out bust, a detail that we are obsessed with. The adorable satin bow details are carried throughout this stunning piece and the g-string and garters are included. Take this home for only $25 and get ready live out all of your wildest fantasies!


One Last Thing....

All of these featured pieces are One Size, fitting sizes small through large! Take a look at our quick cheat sheet sizing guide that we've provided below in order to make sure that you find a piece with the perfect fit for you.

Mesh Lingerie Size Chart


There you have it, Atomic ladies! 5 Mesh Lingerie Pieces You Can't Live Without. Although we chose these beauties to feature, there are plenty more where these came from over at our website,

We truly believe that mesh lingerie is an amazing option for so many of you out there and cannot wait for you to get into the lingerie of your dreams! Please contact us at for any questions, comments or concerns.

Happy shopping, gorgeous!

Wedding Lingerie Ideas You Will Adore

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Wedding Lingerie Ideas You Will Adore


Hello Gorgeous! Wedding season is fast approaching. If you're the blushing bride then you will love our wedding lingerie planning post. The best part about wedding lingerie is, of course, the corsets. 

No need to have the figure of a lingerie model when corsets are part of the equation. By nature, they will pull your waist in and make sure you look absolutely stunning, on the most magical night of your life. 


Let's start our wedding lingerie list off strong with this breathtaking, overbust corset top. The Atomic White Satin and Lace Corset is a strapless piece with a sweetheart neckline. Many beautiful features like the lace overlays, the bows, and of course a bit of bling to compliment  your new wedding band.

You won't have any trouble getting into this one by yourself. The piece zips up the side and laces up the back with a darling white lace ribbon. Don't be afraid of adding a statement necklace. After all, you only get one wedding night. 

Be sure to wear this one again. Heck, you can even pull it out on the Honeymoon for a fabulous night on the town. Bust out the stilettos, your favorite pair of sexy jeans or skirt- and throw that hair up to make your new spouse proud to show off what a sexy wife they have. 



It wouldn't be a wedding lingerie post without a shout-out to the garter belt. Many women don't own a garter belt, and few have much experience with putting them to proper use. Garters have been used since the 1400's by both men and women. Yes, I said men. Back in the day we women weren't the only ones fussing with our stockings. 

Fast forward to the 1960's when elastic was invented (Yes, the world used to somehow get by without elastic. Mind = Blown) and garter belts lost their popularity with the masses. Doesn't mean they aren't still super sexy, and a super staple part of wedding lingerie. 

This garter belt can be clipped to any thigh-high stockings. If you don't feel like keeping with the white motif, switch it up! Try a nude, black, or any color that matches your personality. 


The Atomic White Floral One Strap Overbust Corset is our favorite piece this blog. How can you not feel like a princess while this drapes your body? Perfect for the bride who needs some extra bust support. Featuring underwire cups and lovely white, floral embellishments.

To showcase the flowers, consider a flower crown headpiece or a single floral barrette for keeping your "just done" hairstyle in place. 



You know the old saying. Something old, something new - something borrowed and something to make the booty look good. Wait? That's not how it goes? It should be!

These ruffle bloomers are adorable. I promise you, no matter what size your derriere is it will be a smash hit wearing these. 



When you choose the "Marry Me" overbust corset you get a few deluxe benefits our other recommendations on this post do not have. One benefit is the organza ruffled sleeves. For many women, the upper arm area is a sensitive subject. I mean, not all of us have Michelle Obama's super toned definition, right? However, the last thing we ever want is for you to be focusing on your arms instead of your new spouse. 

Enter this lovely piece. Ruffles, spice and everything nice...and arm coverage. Match made in wedding lingerie heaven, if you ask us. Of course you also get the definition of a corset bodice. Easy to put on (and take off *wink) with a zipper and lace back. 


While white wedding lingerie might be the usual, it's not the rule by any means. Spice up your night with a little black lace. This overbust corset top is sexy, classy and just the right amount of racy for the occasion.  The soft satin comes in an off-white shade sure to flatter every skin tone.

The scoop curve neckline is unique and perfect for the lady who doesn't have the largest cleavage but still wants to show off her sexy figure and wow her new mate.  We would highly encourage you not to throw this wedding lingerie into the panty draw and forget about it after your wedding night.

This piece can be re-purposed for everyday wear by throwing on a pair of black skinny jeans and a cardigan. 




OMGosh this piece is so pretty! We almost didn't want to include it in our wedding lingerie blog, because we think it could be worn over a slinky, slit skirt to really wow your date. But then again, who says you can only wear a corset once?

Our Atomic White Rhinestone Brooch Overbust Corset features a beautiful rhinestone brooch accent in the center bust area. Classic, delicate, and a little bit of glitz to bring eyes on the girls.

This corset zips on the side and laces up the back with a white ribbon.  Sure to please both you and the new hubby. 



While wearing a corset might be perfect for the beginning of your evening - you might be more comfortable sleeping in something still just as sexy, but a little less restrictive. And for this, we recommend the fabulous sheer babydoll halter. 

You still get some bust support - so no saggy or unattractive cleavage lines here. Getting to float around the room like an angel screaming: "We're married! We did it!" That's just an added benefit. 



Ever watch one of those old 50's movies where the lead female character is sitting at her vanity in the most elegant, sexiest robe ever? Yeah. This is that robe. 

So many fabulous details here. The bell chiffon sleeves. The lace trim. It's gorge. Perfect to cover you up before the "big reveal" of your super sexy corset. Or, for the more risque reader - it comes with a G-String. AKA - just toss this bad girl on the ground and strut your stuff. 

Best part about this darling of a piece? You know your going to use it again, and again. 

While this was technically a wedding lingerie blog post, don't be fooled. You can wear any of these pieces for any occasion, anytime you please. As always if you need help with sizing or have any questions be sure to email us at



5 Sexy Lingerie Teddies To Turn Up The Heat!

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sexy lingerie teddies

Looking to spice up your love life? Although you look drop-dead gorgeous in just about anything you put on, we've got the perfect sexy pieces for you to really turn up the heat!

In our opinion, lingerie teddies are probably the sexiest thing you could bring to the bedroom. These one-piece bodysuits come in so many forms, making it possible for you to find the absolute perfect piece.

We have so many beautiful lingerie teddies on our Atomic Jane website, but to give you an idea of what we're talking about we've hand-selected 5 of our sexiest lingerie teddies in order for you to take your love life to the next level!


1. Atomic Black Floral Lace Bodysuit Teddy


Take a look at this knockout! This beautiful lingerie teddy features a deep v-neck with lines running down through its mesh bodice and a floral lace trim that makes it oh-so-sexy. This piece also features a lace-up back and adjustable straps in order to ensure the absolute perfect fit.

This stunning piece is only $35 and comes in S-4XL, also available in red and white! Click on the image above to be taken to the purchase page on our website!


2. Atomic Red Halter Neck Lace Teddy


Feast your eyes on this too-red-hot-for-words lingerie teddy! We absolutely love this halter top shape and the combination of floral lace and mesh detailing. Although this piece isn't as revealing as others, it gives just enough to let the imagination run wild!

This sexy teddy can be purchased on our website for only $29 and comes in one size with crisscross ties in the back that allow it to fit like a corset, adjustable to fit you like a glove! Click on the image above to be taken to the purchase page on our website.


3. Atomic Black Lace Cut Out Neck Teddy


Down to show a little more skin? This one should do the trick! This beyond sexy lingerie teddy features a super intricate cut-out band design that is sure to showcase your absolutely beautiful body.

Not only does this teddy look incredibly sexy but it will unleash your inner vixen and make you feel like the goddess you truly are inside. Click on the picture above to make this piece yours for only $29, one size fitting S-L!


4. Atomic Black Gem and Spike Gaga Teddy


Looking to really take things to the next level? Turn up the heat (and the drama) in this incredible gem and spike teddy, sure to make you feel like a rockstar. There are so many amazing details here, it's hard to even know where to begin!

The way this thing will make you feel when you slip it on will allow you to fulfill all of your wildest bedroom fantasies, taking your love life to places it has never been before.

Take this sexy teddy home with you for $55 in one size fitting S-L by clicking on the image above to be taken to the purchase page on our website!


5. Atomic Black Floral Mesh Teddy


How beautiful is this? This black see-through mesh teddy features a gorgeous purple floral pattern accentuating all the right places and is the perfect balance of sexy and sweet. It gives enough of a show while leaving just enough to the imagination to drive anyone crazy!

This sexy teddy can be purchased for $45 on our website, coming in sizes S-2XL. Click on the image above and let this piece turn up the heat in your bedroom today!


What's Next? 

Like what you've seen here? Head on over to our website to see more sexy lingerie teddies where that came from! We're getting new beautiful pieces in all the time so you're sure to find the absolute perfect one for you and your love life.

Looking for even more ways to add some excitement to the bedroom? Check out a recent blog post of ours where we cover 5 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life and get even more inspired to turn things up a notch!

As usual, please feel free to contact us at for any questions or comments that you have regarding this post or anything in general! We love hearing from you.

Until next time, happy shopping Atomic Fans!

How To Spice Up Your Love Life: 5 Easy Ways!

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Photo by Ron Lach

Is your love life getting you down? If so, you're not alone. That feeling of newness and excitement in the bedroom can be hard to maintain, and most of us are not immune to the feeling of falling into a rut at some point or another!

But we have (at least 5 things) you can do to really amp up that space between the sheets. Time to spice up your love life in a big way!

We've gathered together a short list of our 5 greatest and sexiest tips on how to take your love life to the next level - we could all use a little extra spice!

 1. Send a sexy message. A simple but effective move, a sexy message when unexpected can make such a difference in the excitement and anticipation between you and your partner.

Whether it be a naughty text or a little note left on the fridge, this sexy and confident move will have you both feeling that little extra excitement through the element of surprise. 

2. Rise and shine. Can you actually think of a better way to start the day? A big part of falling into a love life rut can do with the monotony of your daily routines.

Switching things up and enjoying each other during a time when you would normally be focusing on the daily grind will make the two of you feel more spontaneous and really remember how much you can't get enough of each other!



spice up your love life


3. Update those undies. Been wearing that same t-shirt and shorts to bed for awhile? Although you look super sexy in whatever you wear, switching up your lingerie will not only drive your partner crazy, it will make you remember how much of a knockout you truly are - a gift for both of you!

One of our absolute favorite types of lingerie pieces here at Atomic Jane are pieces with cut outs. Whether it be down below or up above, this sexy show of skin will leave anyone weak in the knees.

To give you a little nudge in the right direction, take a look at this beyond sexy one piece cut out from our collection, just one of the pages and pages of sexy lingerie pieces that we offer!

Click here to see more sexy lingerie or click on the image below to be taken to its purchase page.


Atomic Black Lace Cut-Out Bust PVC Teddy


4. Do a little dance. Now that you look the part, make your partner really drool by getting to watch you work your magic with your moves. They will most likely not be expecting this, and taking the time to put on a little show will have you both crazy with anticipation!

Not only will it excite your partner, but you will be surprised at how sexy and confident it will make you feel. Spice up your love life one twirl at a time!

 5. Role play. Our last (but certainly not least) tip to help you spice up your love life is incorporating a healthy dose of fantasy into the mix!

Getting outside of yourselves and being transported into another time and place will bring an element of unfamiliarity and excitement to the bedroom that you didn't realize you were missing!

Role play will allow you both to tap into your wildest fantasies, exploring sides of each other that you haven't gotten to experience before.

It will be up to the two of you to decide what you're into, but at Atomic Jane we have more than enough role play options to really get you going, a little taste of which we've included below!

We love costumes for the bedroom that mix sexiness and strength, a combination that will leave you feeling like the vixen that you truly are.

Click on the image below to be taken to its purchase page on our website, or click here to check out our full line of costumes perfect for role play!



Atomic Blue and Black Sergeant Costume 

Now that you've spiced up your love life....time to reap the benefits! These 5 little tips and tricks for inviting some unexpected excitement back into the bedroom are guaranteed to bring you more satisfaction, both of you!

So go ahead, try one (or all of these sexy tips) and just see where it takes you. We feel sure you'll see that rut in the rearview mirror.

We hope that these tips have inspired you, and we would love to hear any of your tips to spice up your love life in the comments below! As always, please feel free to contact us at with any questions or comments, and head over to our website to check out all of the sexy new things we have in store.

Happy shopping, Atomic Fans!