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5 Rockabilly Hairstyles To Try Right Now

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Rockabilly Hairstyles

We all love the drama and romance of the Rockabilly aesthetic and the look would never be complete without the perfect Rockabilly hairstyle to top it off!

Although those gorgeous victory rolls and bouncy curls can look intimidating, we're here to assure you that they are all very much attainable.

For your viewing pleasure, we have gathered our Top 5 Favorite Rockabilly Hairstyles for you to try right now, suited for all different kinds of hair types.

We hope this inspires you to complete your Rockabilly look with a Rockabilly hairstyle that is perfectly suited to you!

Let's go!  

 1. Rockabilly Hairstyle With Bandana

We're starting off strong with this adorable Rockabilly Updo with bandana tutorial from the beautiful Melissa Merk! 

Bandanas are such a staple in Rockabilly hairstyles and we love the way that Melissa has styled hers.

This look is so achievable for everyday wear and by watching this video you can really make this hairstyle yours and channel your own inner Pin Up girl!


2. Rockabilly Hairstyle For Long Hair

Check out this beautiful Rockabilly hairstyle tutorial for long hair! One of our favorite ladies, Cherry Dollface, gives us the how-to on this Dita Von Tease inspired high bun, perfect for long hair.

We absolutely love this fun and playful look and think it's a must-try for all of our Rockabilly-loving fans!


3. Rockabilly Hairstyle For Curly Hair

For our naturally curled cuties, we can't get enough of this sassy and sexy Rockabilly Updo by the super beautiful CaribBeauty!

Check out this tutorial for her step-by-step process of achieving this romantic look.


4. Rockabilly Hairstyle With Bangs


And who, here, loves the Rockabilly hairstyle with bangs? Well, we do too!

This tutorial from Loepsie is a Rockabilly hairstyle dream and we think that the bangs give it that last, perfect touch. 

These victory rolls frame the face so beautifully and give it that distinctly Rockabilly flair. Check out this video and find out how to really make this hairstyle your own!


5. Rockabilly Hairstyle For Short Hair

This one's for our short haired ladies! We love this video tutorial from Kandy K, showing us how to get the perfect Pinup Pin Curl with short, voluminous locks.

This look is such a good go-to for quick, Rockabilly glamour, and best of all, can be completed in a matter of minutes. It doesn't get much better than that!


Completing The Look

Now that you've attained the absolute perfect Rockabilly hairstyle for your hair type, time to choose the perfect dress!

Here at Atomic Jane, we are absolutely in love with the Rockabilly aesthetic and have so many amazing Rockabilly, Retro, Pin Up dresses for you to check out!

For even more Rockabilly Fashion inspiration, head over to another one of our blog posts where we explore the origins and the essence of Rockabilly Fashion!

We hope you've enjoyed this little round-up of hairstyles, and as always, feel free to message us at for any comments or questions:) 

Until next time, Atomic Fans!