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Personal Stylist: Everyday Pin-Up Fashion!

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Pin-Up Clothing Pin-Up Fashion


Ahhh, the pin-up girl. Sexy, playful, and completely unapologetic! There's a combination of innocence, confidence, and strength that emanates through pin-up clothing.

It's so incredibly appealing, and here at Atomic Jane we just absolutely can't get enough.

We strongly believe that pin-up fashion is by no means only for models and special occasions, and we think that every woman has the ability to channel this incredibly liberating aesthetic every day!

In order to help our pin-up loving Atomic babes incorporate this look into their everyday lives, we've put together a little "Everyday Pin-Up Fashion Guide" featuring some of our absolute favorite pieces!

Before we get started on these to-die-for looks, let's take a little look back in time and see how this aesthetic came to be all that it is today...



Pin-Up Clothing Pin-Up Fashion

The pin-up fashion aesthetic has roots all the way back in the late 19th century, beginning with the images that Burlesque babes and other performers would use on their business cards to promote themselves.

As this form of self-expression gained popularity and recognition, it didn't take long for mainstream artists and models take notice and liking to this revolutionary aesthetic.

As decades passed, the pin-up style really officially hit its stride in the early 1940's, widely associated with the images of movie stars being produced in huge volumes with the purpose of being "pinned up" at informal locations.

This came at the same time as WWII, and what really set this aesthetic on fire were the images being widely used to increase soldier morale.

Before then, women were widely portrayed on either extreme ends of the sexual spectrum, never before having been portrayed as free, confident, and lively in this beautiful way!

Although pin-up clothing and fashion really took a backseat from the 1960's through the 1990's, it has enjoyed a strong resurgence lately, and the tantalizing and mysterious nature of the style is back and more accessible than ever!

We can't wait for you to take part in this, so let's dive into the fashion and see just how you vixens can incorporate this strength and sexiness into your everyday lives.

Click on any of the images below to be brought to their individual purchase pages over on the Atomic Jane website!

Pin-Up Corset Pin-Up Fashion

Starting off strong, we have our Atomic Pin Up Blue and White Polka Dots Corset! The corset is a definite pin-up clothing staple, creating that combination of sexiness and playfulness so true to the aesthetic.

For an everyday pin-up look, we've paired this beautiful navy blue polka-dot corset with black bust and bow with this simple and sexy pair of high-waisted skinny jeans and a bright red open-toe heel!

This is a super easy go-to styling option to spice up your everyday aesthetic and by adding some hoop earrings, pin-up makeup (red lip & cat-eye), and a cute hair accessory, you immediately channel your inner pin-up model!

This beautiful pin-up corset can be purchased on our website for only $50 in sizes S-2XL, and also comes in pink!

Pin-Up Dress Pin-Up Fashion

Next up is our adorable Atomic Jane 1950's White Cherry Pin Up Swing Dress! Swing dresses are one of the most notable items in pin-up clothing and we think that with the right accessories, you can rock this look anywhere you go!

For an everyday look, we've paired this bright, cheerful, summer dress with a black beaded necklace, some strappy black heels, and topped it off with a red lip and some signature pin-up cat-eye sunglasses. You're immediately swept back in time with this old-school glamour, but the look is simple and sweet enough to fit any occasion.

This feminine dream can be purchased on our website for only $55 and in sizes S-4XL! What are you waiting for?

Pin-Up Skirt Pin-Up Fashion

Last but not least in our pin-up clothing staples is the pin-up skirt! Featured here is our incredibly sexy Atomic Plaid Package Hip Fishtail Skirt. This silhouette is unbelievably feminine and seductive, leaving you feeling like the vixen you are!

For this everyday look of pin-up fashion glamour, we've paired this bold printed skirt with a sexy off the shoulder top, some super-cute pink velvet heels with bow detail, and a nice pop of color with this signature pin-up headpiece in bright blue! This outfit combines just the right amount of elegance and sex-appeal and is sure to spice up your everyday aesthetic! 

This knockout can be purchased on our website for only $45 in sizes S-2XL and is just waiting to come home with you!


Feeling inspired? Pin-up fashion and pin-up clothing revolutionized culture and allowed women to take control of their bodies and their appearance, showcasing all of the bright and vibrant energy inside of them and not being afraid to flaunt their sex appeal!

We love everything that this stands for and we hope that after reading this everyday fashion guide you feel inspired to make this movement your own.

It's important to keep in mind that pin-up fashion is all about staying true to you, so take our lead on some of the basics and staples and really run with it!

Get creative, get strong, and feel sexy. We can't wait to see what amazing things you come up with!

For even more pin-up clothing and pin-up inspired looks, head on over to our website and check out what else we have in store!

If you have any comments or questions about this post or anything in general, as always feel free to reach out to us at

Happy Shopping, Atomic babes!