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8 Corsets for Looking Gorgeous and Feeling Sexy

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This post is for all of our Gorgeous Atomic Diva's out there. 

I know what you want. You want to leave your house looking gorgeous and feeling sexy. You want the curves of Marilyn Monroe and Betty Davis eyes. Do you know the kind of woman I'm talking about?

The kind of woman that commands a room when she steps in. A woman that makes that tall, dark, and handsome stranger thank God he's a man. Well girl, I have got just the corsets in mind to make it happen for you. 

Get ready to fall in love with your new favorite outfit - because today's post has some of our best head-turning pieces. 

Gothic Fashion & Victorian Fashion

We are starting our list off strong, with a delicate and unique Gothic corset. This overbust corset is delicate, romantic, and feminine. Envision yourself as the ultimate Gothic princess while wearing this one with your favorite jeans, black skinnies, or pencil skirt. 

The satin pleats, the bows, the lace - it's almost too perfect.  Puffy cap sleeves finish the look off, making this piece a touch Victorian fashion, too. The back laces up beautifully with a ribbon and zipper closure. 

Tim Burton Character Style Corset

Can you say, sizzle? OMG this corset is so sexy. That isn't even the best part. It's versatile. It's a goth corset. It's a Victorian corset. 

It's easy to picture this corset featured on one of Tim Burton's leading ladies. His favorite muse, the lovely Miss Helena Bonham Carter would totally rock this bad boy on the Red Carpet. You can take a peek at some of her corset love over at this post

The jacquard print fabric offers compliment to the antique front buttons. The back laces up with heavy cord lacing  and it comes with steel bones.  You know what that means? This Gothic corset is available for tight lacing.

You might feel this one is a bit too risky for the office, so throw on a blazer or a cardigan over it to downplay the sexiness. Accessorize to your hearts delight with this piece, ladies. The monochromatic nature of the overbust corset makes this the perfect piece for busting out that statement necklace you have been looking for an excuse to wear. 

White Overbust Corset 

Our last two feature corset's took a walk on the dark side. Here's one that brightens things up a bit. 

The wide shoulder straps will give you a bit of extra support. This is huge for ladies who are afraid to go strapless because of a larger bust area. The delicate ribbon lace-up front and back makes this piece a classic corset top. 

The old saying, that black makes you appear slimmer is false. I know. We've been lied to. The truth is a well fitting piece of clothing, like this corset top will make you appear much more slender than any ill fitting or not nearly as sexy dark colored outfit ever will. Keep that in mind while admiring this beauty. 


Underbust Corsets 

Underbust corsets can be worn over or under clothes. These next few we will be talking about wearing over clothing to create a new look to an old favorite. The tank top.

We've all got them. Under our favorite shirt or by layered by themselves worn with jeans; the tank is an essential. Now, what if I were to tell you this staple piece of clothing could go from laid back to sexy in the time it took to fasten a few hooks and tie some ribbon?Sounds pretty good, right?

Take this Black And White Stripe Halter Underbust Corset. This can be worn over anything. A T. A blouse. What the model shows- over a tank, is the perfect fast outfit change. She went from low key to; OMG, like, whoa!  The halter gives you support and ensures this baby isn't going anywhere. 

The SteamPunk Underbust Corset

Remember when I said you "could" wear an underbust, under your clothes? This piece is a great example that you would not want to do that with. The fantastic buckles and chain accent would snag against your outer layer and even worse; they would be hidden!

Don't make the corset sad like that. Instead let your inner SteamPunk princess out with this SteamPunk Corset. 

Because this corset is steel boned, go ahead and cinch your waist to your hearts delight. The double zipper front closure and faux leather panels will help keep your tummy area nice and smooth while you flaunt that teeny-tiny waist. It's a win-win. 

Honestly, go crazy with the creativity of this underbust corset. Pair with jeans for a western SteamPunk feel. Go with a flowy skirt for a victorian fashion Steampunk look. 

Waist Trainers 

Hollywood is obsessed with waist trainers. Heck, I'm obsessed with waist trainers. They are a bit different than the underbust corsets we talked about above. Let us examine. 

You know Kim Kardashian's waist trainer? The one she uses over her clothes at the gym and under her clothes pretty much everywhere else? Ok. Well that type of trainer is the style below. In fact, if you check her pics, this one matches hers to a T. (Or a "K")

This is a latex waist trainer. It has steel bones and fastens in the front. It's also referred to as a vest waist trainer because of the underbust style. 

If you are looking to lose weight, train your waist, or melt off those extra inches while you workout like Kim K does, this is your new BFF.


Foundation Waist Trainer

At the beginning of this post I told you I had chosen corsets to help you look good and feel sexy. With a piece like this underbust waist trainer, you can achieve a smaller appearing waist under any outfit you already own. 

It can be a huge boost to your confidence to have a foundational piece like this underbust corset in your closet. Any dress or shirt can be layered on top and by the very nature of the corset - you will not be able to detect you are wearing it underneath. 

This black underbust corset features steel bones and 3 levels of adjusments via the front eyehooks. This means the corsets can grow smaller (or bigger, after that extra piece of pie) with you. 

The LongLine Waist Training Corset 

Whenever I see this lovely long line waist training corset, I am immediately transported to Kate Winset's character of Rose in Titanic. I adore the Victorian fashion influence this simple and elegant piece presents. 

This piece can literally perform, any of the functions previously mentioned in the post to this point. You may choose to wear this piece as a corset top. It can be worn over pants with the bottom tucked in, or over a skirt with the bottom over the top - and create a gorgeous silhouette.

This steel boned corset is also a waist trainer. It has 26 spiral steel bones that draw the waist in, allow for tight lacing and keep the tummy flat.  If using for waist training it should be worn under your outfit. Although, you may choose to wear a light T or camisole underneath for comfort. 


Spring Festival Wear

We got through all those fabulous corsets! Did you choose your favorite?

Now, because spring is just around the corner - peeking her head out slowly, as a bonus - I choose a few pieces to help you out with your first festival of the year. 



First up, the Bell Raiser Paisley Print Red Dress. It's long sleeves are bell shaped. So hippy - so Coachella. Don't forget to peep the crochet at the bottoms. Best worn while swaying on the grass and laughing with friends.  



If you think you might be in for a long day of walking - opt for this flowing fringe tank. Great length for extra coverage and loose enough to be layered for a different look. Bangles and flower crown accessories encouraged. 

We hope you already know how beautiful and sexy of a woman you are. Having the extra help of a killer outfit and the waist cinching a corset has to offer can only add icing to the cake. Go ahead and imagine yourself in your favorite and don't be shy about reaching out to us for help with choosing the best size for you. Send your question to 

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A Classic Treat: Vintage Corset Looks

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Hey there Atomic Vixens!

Are you ready for a super- scrumptious, video treat? I hope so. Go right ahead and clear your schedule for the next 5 minutes.  You are not going to want to miss this.

Drumroll please: da da da da da da da da

Alright; that's enough suspense. Here's your treat:

Atomic Jane Clothing recently had the honor of seeing the one and only Miss CherryDollface (OMG!) put together some amazing, sexy, smart, vintage looks in one of her infamous Youtube videos. 

I know! Amazing right? We totally loved the tips and ideas she shared with her fans. Check it out for yourself. Don't forget to scroll down after the video for more info on the pieces Cherry wore. 



Outfit #1: The Nautical Striped Halter

Cherry made a great point. You can get two totally different looks by wearing the corset over your clothes or under. This piece is fun and versatile. The navy and white striped halter corset has matching striped lapels on the straps, a ribbon detail in front, satin bust with darts for shaping and satin trim along the lower edge.

It has a front busk closure, and a ribbon lace up back. Perfect with pants, jeans, skirt or shorts. Go anywhere in this one.

Outfit #2: The Versatile Black Underbust

Have a dress in the back of the closet that could use some new life? Add this underbust corset ontop like Cherry did to her dress. Of course you could always wear it under your clothes for cinching the waist and slimming the tummy area. 

This little corset has a clean, simple design with a four front busk closure and heavy cording in back for tight lacing.


Outfit #3: The Adorable Vintage Pink Polka Dot Corset


Cherry choose to pair this cute little number with capri pants. We "heart" this. For her second outfit, she tucked it inside high waist shorts. Wow. What a complete different look. Perfect for an easy summer outfit. 

Adorable pin-up polka dot corset has detailed, black lace overlay bra cups with underwire support, attached, pink satin belt, little bow details, and  hook and eye back closure.

Outfit #4: The Naughty Vintage Steampunk Corset

This Stunning Black Brocade Corset features a steel boned bodice with faux leather accents and a removable high neck shrug, large snap up pocket attached, zipper on the side and a lace-up panel in the back. And of course. A thong. 

Outfit #5: The Sexy Goth Halter with Cool Clasps


This black Steampunk jacquard overbust corset has a halter neckline and turn back collar, adjustable clasp behind the neck, four metal front busk closures and a "V" cut on bottom edge.

Both the top and bottom edges are trimmed in faux black leather. It features a corded lace up back and includes a matching G-string.

Did you have a favorite outfit in Cherry's video? We want to know which one! Leave a comment or shoot us an email at

What to Wear to a Goth Club

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Today's post is all about what to wear to a Goth Club. Whether you are a regular at the club or planning your first trip- girl, we got you. 

Goth, Industrial, EDM- it's about the music. We all need to get our KMFDM fix or a hear a classic Type 0 Negative song every once in a while. However, let’s be real.  Only if you’re lucky might you hear something by the Cure (Ok, you might hear “Just Like Heaven”) on the radio every blue moon by accident. If you want to get your goth music fix, you need to visit a club.

The dark, the mysterious, the club atmosphere (because who is going to throw a goth/ industrial party and not have the perfect setting to get lit up) ... it’s all great.


It’s the Clothes

You know what I’m talking about. Expression. Being whoever you feel like for a night and not giving a crapola what anyone thinks about. Even though, of course you want to kill it and look amazing.

Which is why I curated a collection for your choosing.  By the end of this post you will be able to pull something together at the drop of a top hat.  This way, the next time you're going to some underground party in the middle of Florida- you’re the one getting all the attention. You’re welcome.

Black is the New Black

You can never go wrong with wearing black. Does it make you look thinner? Maybe. Does it make you look totally goth princess? Yes. Yes, it does. Here’s some black corsets to start you off.

This peek-a-boo black faux leather overbust corset is fantastic. Perfect for clubbing, since it’s a tad too revealing for the office with those hot cut-outs on the abdomen. Also features a modesty panel on the back. 

If this one didn’t strike your fancy, or maybe you’re looking for something a bit more industrial- definitely consider a corset with buckles.

This piece is an overbust corset, the front zipper is complimented by the metal. Because you already have the adornment, via the front buckles, if you don't feel like wearing heavy accessories you can definitely get away with a little less. FYI- it does come with the garters but if not a fan, they're removable.

Throw on a mini, a pair of leggings or a combo of both and you’re good to go dance yourself silly.

The Sexiest Halter Top. Ever.

Now onto my favorite corset of the week. This black beauty is perfect. You get the support and shape of a corset with a serious bad-girl edgy haltered collar. Gorgeous. A little bit Elvira Mistress of the Dark, a little S&M.

I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't show you the heavy cord lacing and how good this one looks from the back. 

You are going to love the way you look in this number. I suggest pairing with your sexiest, highest heels for ultimate prowess effect.

The Perfect Bottom

Now that we have looked at a few corset options, let’s talk about the perfect bottom. No! Not that kind of bottom, silly! Your outfit! Most club wear defaults to a skirt. I’ve going to show you three. 

First up, the black organza petticoat. Is it goth? It sure it. It is short? You betcha’!

The goth industrial scene is one of the few places in life where a skirt like this is not only appropriate, but almost required. Consider investing in one to keep around as your “go to” backup piece. Never know when an underground party invite might come your way.

Our next skirt is a little slinkier and sleek.

This. OMG.  

The black satin skirt. Classic, beautiful, and really, really, comfortable. Pair with any corset top.

Our last skirt is a vintage black corset skirt. Inspired by Moulin Rouge, the skirt features pin trim, lace ruffles and bows. Release your inner “Living Dead Doll” by pairing this one with your favorite corset – any color.

Recipe for Sexy-Gothic Success

If you still aren’t sure exactly how to put your outfit together, here is a recipe to help you out:

Think morbid, but not sad. More “tragically-beautiful disaster”. Mix in a little steampunk, a dash of cosplay and a sprinkle of old-school raver wear and your perfect industrial outfit is ready to get cooking.

The Perfect Dress

Want a one-and-done outfit? Try a dress. 

This first dress is an illusion. Looks like a dress, but actually - it's an overbust corset top and matching skirt combo.

I know! Amazing, right? That means when you choose this outfit, you are actually getting 3- since you can always mix and match the pieces for another night of debauchery.

Can we just talk about the metal spikes for a minute? Because I'll tell you what; every guy at that club will be talking about them- and how good they look on you, all night. 

Dress number 2. Again, not a dress. Well, not exactly. This is goth we are talking about! Remember? Nothing is what it seems. 

Do these overbust corsets have skirts attached to them technically making them a dress? Yes. Is the skirt totally transparent? Yeah...but double up on a pair of colored stockings and fishnets and this NSFW but perfect for goth club attire is ready to go.

Number 3. 

Never underestimate the power of wetlook patent leather. Is your industrial party a little more on the 50 Shades of Gray side?  Then this is your gal. The steal front closures only lead halfway down this dress. You can lace the bottom as high as you wish. Corset back - oh, and a matching g-string. 

Wear this one, and you are guaranteed a few free drink. By the way, this one is an actual dress. 

I said I would only show you three dresses, but remember, Goth is unpredictable. 

This next dress is a bodycon that will accentuate all the right places. The collared neck screams, "I do what I want".  Don't be afraid to glam this one up even more with some heavy accessories. 

One more mini dress, for good luck.

This plaid mini features black PVC panels on the sides to carve out the perfect silhouette. A little bit punk, a lot bit naughty school girl. Goth it up further with fishnets and heavy metal accessories.  



The Accessories 

You can never go wrong with skulls and bones. This necklace will sit right above the awesome cleavage you will be rocking once you choose the perfect corset.


Other accessories choices- anything metal, heavy clunky bracelets, spiky rings. Choose your favorite and wear as many or as few as your Gothic heart desires.

The hair ventures back into anything goes territory. Anything, that is, except trying to look like Gwyneth Paltrow or another refined woman. Pinup style, anime inspired, bright colors, micro-bangs. All appropriate and appreciated.


When it comes to makeup- think, more. Go all out with fantasy eyes and don't be afraid to check out Pinterest for some inspiration. 



Are you ready to go out now? I hope so! If you are still unsure about what to wear, have questions about sizing, or one of the pieces shown here today- email us

Happy Clubbing. 

Gothic Fashion: What Exactly Is It?

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Gothic Fashion Gothic Dresses


Born in the '80s, the Goth movement is a relatively young but powerful sub-culture! Rooted in the attitude of "breaking the mold", Gothic culture stands for challenging societal norms and throwing out all ideas of organization, order, and expectation.

Although there are many amazing elements of the Gothic sub-culture that feed off of each other, here at Atomic Jane we're especially fond of all that is Gothic fashion! Gothic fashion has a beautiful mystery to it, the haunting, verging on morbid, dark tones and the inspiring mix of Victorian and Punk stylistic influences.

Because we're so entranced by this fashion genre, we want to give you a little more context as to how this subculture came to be and showcase some to-die-for items from our inventory that are undoubtedly Gothic fashion staples!



As most sub-cultures begin, Goth culture can really be traced to the music scene and the introduction of Goth Rock during the Post-Punk era in England. Goth Rock was dark and disturbing, yet somehow ethereal, and really played on people's desire for individuality and revolution. As this genre started to gain traction, it moved further and further away from the Post-Punk scene and enjoyed its own devoted following, allowing the movement to catch fire not only in England but all over the world! 

Gothic Fashion Gothic Dresses

Bauhaus, the widely considered first Goth Rock group

It didn't take long for Goth culture to expand beyond music and into all of the other facets of sub-culture, and quickly became a movement including art, films, and fashion. The underlying tones of the Gothic subculture are its dark aesthetic, mixed with influences from the 1800's, and never lacking in mystery and complexity.

These tones can be seen clearly in all of the elements that make Gothic fashion what it is! The Gothic aesthetic revolves around dark clothing, hair, and makeup, starkly contrasted by the paleness of skin, and materials and fashion staples reminiscent of the Victorian age.

At Atomic Jane, we have so many beautiful pieces that pay tribute to Gothic fashion and they are incredible staples to have when building a Goth-influenced collection! We have chosen a couple of items that represent some of the major elements in Gothic women's fashion: corsets, dresses, and skirts.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as we dive in and take a look at these beautiful pieces! Click on any of the items below to be taken to their individual purchase pages on our website. 



Feast your eyes on our Atomic Steel Boned Black Gothic Collared Corset! You'll be tough as nails and hauntingly beautiful while rocking this piece, the strong and sexy leather and metal details contrasted with the soft femininity of the sweetheart neckline and super-feminine shape. This piece perfectly embodies Gothic fashion in its darkness and beauty!

This piece can be your Gothic dream for only $89 in sizes S-6XL, and is also available on our website in purple and black as well as red and black!



Meet our Atomic Purple and Black Gothic Rose Overbust Corset! This shade of purple is so stunningly beautiful and the black floral embroidery paired with the lace trim and feminine details are absolutely to-die-for. What really makes this the Gothic fashion wonder that it is, is the black Gothic rose, a detail that makes this the perfect item for your Goth-inspired wardrobe.

Make this yours for only $45 in sizes S-2XL and be sure check it out on our website, also in gray and black!



This one takes our breath away! This is our Steampunk Corset & Skirt Set and everything about it makes our mouths water. Where do we even start on these details? Everything from the strong buckles, the amazing lines, and the beautiful satin and faux leather fabrics makes this an incredible combination of haunting and sexy.

Add this two-piece knockout to your wardrobe for only $89 in sizes S-2XL!

How sweet is this? Take a look at our Steampunk Vintage Corset & Skirt Set! Spicing is up with some patterned color, this set has all of the soft and hard elements that make Goth-inspired clothing so incredibly beautiful!

Make this beauty yours for $89 in sizes S-6XL!





Are you a fan of the Corset & Skirt Set featured above? Then you'll love our Atomic Black Satin Tiered Lace Skirt! This skirt is strong and beautiful enough to fly solo, allowing you to pair it with your favorite corset or your favorite Goth-inspired top in order for you to really complete a beautiful Gothic fashion look.

We can't get enough of this black floral lace overlay and the hi-lo hemline tiered design is so sexy and feminine! Add this Gothic fashion staple to your closet for only $49 in sizes S-6XL!





Last but definitely not least, here is our Atomic Steampunk Black Gypsy Lace Skirt! We're obsessed with the unique combination of details here, the bronze buckles and lace and polyamide hemline giving it a dark but feminine feel. Pair this with a contrasting corset top in leather and your bold look will be complete!

Add this staple to your wardrobe for $49 in sizes S-2XL!



Feeling inspired by these hauntingly beautiful pieces? There is plenty more where that came from over on our website,! We love everything about Gothic fashion and its ability to allow women to express their own unique and individual style, pushing against the mold that we are so often pressured to fit into!

Gothic fashion is mysterious, haunting, and so completely empowering and we can't wait for you to find the perfect pieces for you to really complete your Gothic fashion wardrobe.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions at We love to hear from you!

Until next time, happy shopping Atomic Babes!

How To Wear: Skull Clothing!

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Atomic Jane Skull Clothing


We have news for you: skulls aren't going anywhere, anytime soon! Although skull clothing has roots in various subcultures, the fashion statement eventually made its way to the mainstream and has been absolutely everywhere ever since!

Skull clothing has a toughness to it that is so incredibly chic and the fashion trend is interpreted in many different ways and styles, all having their own unique and individual flair.

Because there's so much variety in skull clothing, we thought we'd give you a little rundown of some of our favorite types of skull clothing items in order to inspire you to add or expand upon this fashion statement in your own wardrobe!


1. Skull Corsets. First thing's first - we love a good skull corset. Corsets are so incredibly chic and romantic as it is, and adding this darker element makes them even more of a statement. There are many different directions these can go in, so we've selected a few different styles in order to show you a number of possibilities!


Take a look at our Atomic Green Faux Leather Gothic Skulls Overbust Corset! We love this adorable skull print stamped across the entire bodice and the (incredibly flattering) black trim for added detail.

Click on the image above to be taken to its purchase page on our website, available for only $49 in sizes S-2XL!


Say hello to our Atomic Candy Cane Pink Sugar Skulls Overbust Corset! Taking a walk on the super-feminine side, this bright pink color is contrasted beautifully with this vintage-inspired black rose and skull design.

This fun skull design is on our website for only $49 in sizes S-2XL! Click on the image above to check it out up close.


How gorgeous is this? In a more Day of the Dead-inspired aesthetic, our Atomic Black Sugar Skull Overbust Corset makes a beautiful and intricate addition to any skull lover's wardrobe.

Purchase this piece on our website for only $49 in S-2XL by clicking the image above!


2. Skull Dresses. We love the juxtaposition of the femininity of a dress and the toughness of a skull and the bold fashion statement that it makes.

There're many different routes to go here from the super-feminine to the darker and tougher, and we've selected just a few of the beautiful options from our selection below:


How amazing is this Atomic Red Candy Skull Dress with Cap Sleeves? This vintage-inspired swing dress has so many feminine elements from the A-line skirt to the super-sweet sweetheart neckline. 

The candy skulls pattern makes this dress so incredibly irresistible!

Make this retro look yours for only $55 in S-4XL by clicking on the image above!



Going a bit darker, our Atomic Black Skulls Steel Boned Corset Dress is so incredibly sexy. The skull pattern paired with the metal front clasps on the bodice are tough while the black satin skirt gives it a more gothic yet feminine-inspired feel.

If you love this look, check it out up close by clicking on the image. It's $89.00 and available in sizes Small through 4XL!


How sweet and fun is our Atomic Black Linked Floral and Skulls Swing Dress? We love the bright pop of pink here up against the black dress and can't get enough of this A-line form-fitted bodice and the over the shoulder straps for best support and fit.

This look is sweet and tough at the same time, a combination that is irresistibly sexy.

Make this fun retro look yours for only $55 in sizes S-2XL by clicking on the image above to be taken to its purchase page on our website! Check it out:)

3. Skull Accessories. Now that you've gotten familiar with some types of skull clothing, it's time to dive into the world of skull accessories! The possibilities are virtually endless here, but we've gone ahead and chosen 3 of our favorite types of skull accessories for you to take a look at below!


How gorgeous is our Atomic Gold Pirate Skull Necklace? There are so many beautiful details, requiring more than a glance to really appreciate everything that is going on here.

This skull statement piece is so incredibly chic, adding a pop of toughness to any outfit you choose to pair it with!

We carry this piece for only $35 on our website, also available in silver! Click on the image above to be taken to its purchase page for a closer look.


Let's take a moment to really appreciate our Atomic Golden Winged Skull and Rivets Bra! This piece is so incredibly strong and stunning, with the skull embellishment at the center of all of the beautiful gold details. You'll feel like an absolute Skull goddess in this one!

Click on the image above to purchase this beautiful piece for only $35, available in sizes S-2XL!


Last but certainly not least, we love a skull-printed legging! Our Atomic Day of the Dead Colorful Skull Leggings bring all the fun with their exciting pops of color and intricate skull pattern.

Pair with boots as shown above or some super statement heels for a more feminine look. You're sure to be noticed in these!

If you're intrigued with these, check it out closer for more details by clicking on the product image. They're only $29!

What's Next? 

Although we've featured a varied amount of our skull clothing and accessories above, there's a lot more to explore over on our website, Atomic Jane Clothing!

We hope we've inspired you to add a few more of these statement pieces to your wardrobe and really have fun with this incredibly popular trend in fashion.

Please feel free to reach out to us at for any comments or questions regarding this post or anything in general! We look forward to hearing from you.

Until next time, Happy shopping Atomic Fans!