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The Renaissance Faire and What to Wear

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Knights in shining armor, using the phrase, “thou art,” and maidens with tousled curls mixed in with the perfect braid. As you might have guessed, I’m talking about Renaissance Faires.

In the US alone, there are over 60 major Fairs. That’s a whole lot of opportunities to get dressed up and swept away in the romance. Besides eating a huge piece of meat on the bone and drinking out of a chalice, there is also the opportunity to admire the costumes. Costumes galore!

Don’t feel like being yourself? Then be someone else. That’s the magic of the Renaissance Fair. For our readers who have never visited or have but never in costume, this post is for you. We have some costume ideas that will bring out your inner Maid Marion and a few corset pieces that can be re-purposed for everyday outfits. So without further ado, m’lady- let’s begin.

Speaking of Maid Marion…check out this number. Robin Hood won't be able to keep his eyes off you. Matching headpiece included. 


Game of Thrones

There was no way I could write about dressing up in a smokin’ awesome medieval costume and not mention everyone’s absolute favorite show. This show has taken the world by storm! Don’t’ worry, no spoiler alerts here.


The action! The drama! The sex!...and of course The Costumes! If you want to draw your costume inspiration from the most addictive show ever, here’s a few ideas.


The beloved mother of the dragons has a penchant for showing a bit of, ahem…skin. If you were thinking of something a little less scantily clad take a peek at this gorgeous Game of Thrones corset inspiration piece.

This underbust corset is just shimmery enough to say, feminine while watching a jousting match. You can slip this over a peasant style dress, or a simple maxi dress. After the faire don’t shove this one in the back of the closet. It can be worn over any style top. You will be little-in-the-middle and looking good every time you wear it.

Need a little more support?  This similar underbust corset comes with in a halter top. It also features heavy cord lacing and steel bones for a tighter lace. 

And after the faire…


OMG you have to unleash your inner steampunk-goddess with this one. We’ve put together this ensemble as inspiration. We would love to see what other ideas you come up with!


Let your inner bad girl shine, by letting Cersei be your Game of Thrones costume inspiration. Cersei is best known for wearing a long, flowy gown, and a devious face.

Here are a few Game of Thrones Cersei dress styled gowns for your approval. This first gown, is one of our favorites! Take note of the silky gauze sleeves. The lace up bodice and braided trim perfectly complements the red coloring. Seriously, how often do we ladies get to wear anything with braided trim, right?


If red isn’t your color, take a look at this gown. Soft, creamy, dreamy, and gold. Fit for a Queen (or a Princess). The great part about these gowns is the “one and done” factor. Throw on a flower crown and a pair of sandals and- tada! You’re good to go.

Lady in Waiting

Now for me, the stress of being the head-lady-in-charge would be way too much work. I’m more of a lady in waiting. The lady in waiting is a cross between the queen’s personal assistant and a royal socialite. She’s still envied by all those peasants, but doesn’t have to make any decision on which village gets plundered next. The best of both worlds.

This green lady in waiting gown will keep the kingdom green with envy. It even comes with the adorable hat for those bad hair-fair days.

The Maiden

Not feeling the nobility? Try a maiden costume on for size. Maidens are “young unmarried women”. Be the fairest maiden of them all in this crushed gown trimmed in gold. The satin corset overlay and headpiece really pull the look together.    

While this dress is beautiful, if you're looking for the cinching that an underbust corset provides, you will need to create your own maiden costume complete with a true corset. Totally doable.


This brocade underbust corset is a fan favorite. The leather accents give it a bit of an armor feel. Don’t forget to admire all the lovely metal details, like the metal rivets over the triple leather cascade. You can easily create a maiden costume with a piece like this. Simply add a maxi skirt and your favorite tank, and you got maiden-central.

Because of the steel bones and back lace up closure, don't be afraid to lace this lovely corset up for the full waist cinch effect. 


Does black fit in better with your wardrobe? This black PVC underbust makes it easy to transform almost any outfit. Under the 4 buckles is a front bust closure.  Renaissance Faire friendly, and even a great starter piece you could wear over a blouse and under a blazer to the office.


The Ultimate List of Things to Do at a Renaissance Festival

Did you know there is a delicious wine made from honey called mead? Well if you didn’t, get ready to imbibe upon arrival. Be sure to grab yourself a bottle while you visit these not to be missed festivities:

  • The Pub Sing. Here is your chance to let your inner pub song-singing star let loose! Grab yourself mug (or you might still have some of that mead left) and join in without abandon.
  • The Arts and Crafts. Don’t forget to bring your wallet. Local craftsmen and women will have plenty of handmade goodies to peruse while you look stunning in your perfect attire.
  • The Food. First, do not eat lunch before you go. Or breakfast- heck, don’t even fill up on water on your way there. Renaissance food is delicious, readily available, and messy! Be prepared to find all your favorite goodies for purchase on a stick. Think- meat, cake, and more meat.
  • The Jousting Matches. Knights riding on horses ramming into each other with long poles.What's not to love?
  • The Performers. Enjoy the jugglers, acrobats, town criers, and sword-fights. There’s a little something for everyone.

Before we finish, I have one more costume to show you- a little bit medieval, a little bit fairytale. The hooded gown! Don’t feel like looking everyone in the eye- now you don’t have to. 

Escape the sun or keep warm, depending on the time of year you're wearing one of these beauties.

Both gowns feature lace-up front ties and...matching petticoats! Now we all know, any excuse to get a petticoat is a good one. 

I can't wait to hear all about your Renassaince Faire adventures and of course, what you wore! Leave us a comment about your favorite piece from this blog, or about one of your own favorite Faire memories. 

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