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Top 7 Steampunk Movies

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Here at Atomic Jane, we’re a little obsessed with Steampunk these days and with good reason. That reason? Because it's awesome.  Are you a movie buff who loves the unique? Adore a fantastical story set in another era, or even dimension? If you enthusiastically said "Yes!" then you need to check out Steampunk movies. 

*Bonus we've thrown in a few outfit ideas if you want to pay a little homage or get into some cosplay. Without further adieu – let us begin:

Mad Max Fury Road

This Steampunk movie took the world by storm. I mean, hello? It was nominated for an Oscar. Not just any Oscar either, Picture of the Year. While it didn’t win, Fury Road fans are a fierce and fiery bunch so you can guarantee there is a sequel in the works. 



In this crazy high-action, thriller film – we get to experience a post-apocalyptic world filled with Steampunk delights. The best way to describe this story: Man is captured, man escapes, man and a tribe of beautiful women go on the baddest, bloodiest, road race you have ever seen. 

As you might have noticed above, yes, Charlize Theron is in it, and yes, she is wearing goggles. If that doesn’t say Steampunk we don’t know what does. Be sure to enjoy all the details of this film, the metal, the chains and, of course, those bad boy cars.


Mad Max Inspired Fashion

The female costumes in Mad Max range from tattered-torn rags and leather to well-fitted bodices. For that reason we choose this bad girl- one shoulder Steampunk over bust corset. 

This black faux leather steel boned corset features a heavy cord lace up back. Heavy cords can be used for tight lacing.  Front zipper closures and underwire cups will help this piece hug your body and give your bust support. 


Golden Compass

The film adaptation of the beloved modern classic, The Golden Compass, absolutely makes our list. If you are unfamiliar with the story here is a brief summary. This story takes place in an alternate universe where a church, named the Magisterium, rules the world.

Our hero is young Lyra. Lyra is accompanied by her animal – which also happens to carry a portion of her soul. After witnessing some horrible stuff, Lyra goes on the grandest of adventures. Did we mention there are also evil kidnappers called the Gobblers?

As you can see from this image, Lyra’s animal companion is wearing the coolest armor any animal has ever had. This mix of fantasy, mechanics, and wonder makes the Golden Compass steam lover approved.


The Golden Compass Inspired Fashion

This outfit combo honors the films magical moments, yet nods it's hat to the classic pieces featured throughout the film. 

This lovely black over bust corset is solid in the bust area with a see through elastic mesh throughout the bodice and has a black ribbon lace up back. If you are feeling a bit modest layer this corset with a tank of your choosing underneath.


Wild Wild West

Next up; an oldie by goody. Will Smith’s 1999, Wild Wild West takes on the western Steampunk movie genre head on.  Technically, it's a remake the 1960’s television show – but most would agree this film had little to do with the original inspiration. This rendition is all gadgets, gizmos, and giant mechanical spiders.

A central point of Steampunk is taking the past, and re-imagining with technology from the future. By definition; cowboys + robots = Steampunk.

Wild Wild West is a comedy. Rare, when it comes to Steampunk movies so don’t expect deep thoughts. Instead, sit back and get lost in the steam tankers and flying machines…and cowboys.


Wild Wild West Inspired Fashion

This Steampunk Halter has steel bones and captures the essence of steam with its black and brown steel boned bodice. The faux leather and metal accents will look great with chunky accessories like boots or platform sandals. Heavy cord lace up back, for all you gals who love your tight lacing. 


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

League of Extraordinary Gentleman is a Steampunk triple threat. Originally a graphic novel, the series boasts mad spin-offs, and of course, the 2003 film. Starring Sean Connery, this was his last performance before entering into retirement. Back in 2003, the world was not yet obsessed with comics turned to film, not just yet. Because of this the movie fared only so-so with viewers.

But that doesn't mean it's not still one fantastic steam movie.On a previous blog we reviewed the series if you’re interested in learning more about the plot – which features beloved characters from the Victorian age, such as Mina from Dracula and Captain Nemo. 

The graphic novel series is straight Victorian Steampunk, and the film tried to stay as close to volume one in the series as they could. Great news for Steampunk movie buffs: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 2 is in the works. You can expect more on this later this year.


A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Inspired Fashion

In the film, Mina sports a black metal overbust corset. Since a full-on metal corset might not be the most comfortable, we went for the next best thing. Check out this vegan leather overbust corset, complete with tons of metal.  


Haven't heard of vegan leather yet? Check out a past post and learn more about it. This overbust corset can be paired with leather leggings, jeans or your favorite bottoms for fighting crime and saving the world. 


Van Helsing

Monsters galore! If you love steam, and you love horror –  it should be no surprise Van Helsing made our list.

Van Helsing re-imagines the slaying of Dracula. Only this time, Frankenstein and werewolves are involved. Amazing, right?

Action packed, dark, gothic, and full of Victorian Steampunk nods. Starring Hugh Jackman as the title character and Kate Beckinsale as Anna. This is Kate’s second time being featured here on the Atomic Jane blog. We adored her Underworld corsets in that post and she looks just as amazing in film.


Van Helsing Inspired Fashion

Kate's costume is a super-sexy underbust corset. Underneath she wears a blousy- light, floral top.   This brown faux leather underbust would totally get her character's approval. 

The side halter design gives extra support. This stunning halter under bust has awesome front buckle details with a front busk closure, and stud details along the edges. The back laces up for cinching and, of course, it's fully steel boned. Take your inspiration from Kate and match with a pop of color and your favorite jeans. 


Sleepy Hollow

1999 was a good year for Steampunk movies. Not only did we get Wild Wild West, but Tim Burton brought up Sleepy Hollow. To be fair, pretty much anything Tim Burton touches will usually have Steampunk undertones. Sleepy Hollow, however, is the real deal.

The movie starrs, pretty much, everyone’s favorite actor, the one and only Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci. The movie is based on the 1800’s story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Depp plays Ichabod Crane, a police constable investigating a slew of grisly murders and a nightmare invoking bad guy, eloquently known as, the Headless Horseman.

My favorite part of this movie is the fashion. Victorian, corsets,  and velvet, mixed with Gothic fashion – give tons of inspiration for your next Steampunk outfit.


Sleepy Hollow Inspired Fashion

A movie about a man without a head totally deserves an outfit with a spooky flair. 

The Atomic Black Skull Underbust Corset features an all over skull print, solid black trim, a steel front busk closure and a lace up back. A matching thong is included. Take cues from our outfit combo above and layer over your favorite little black dress. 



It might surprise you that a cartoon made the cut. This isn’t just any cartoon. The adorable and addicting 2005 film, Robots, is amazing. The graphics are terrific. There are tons of inside jokes, only adults could appreciate and it’s seriously steam.

Robot’s introduces us to a world where everyone is…you guessed it! A robot. The main character, Rodney Copperbottom (how cute is that name?) is voiced by Ewan McGregor. Some of the other big names you will recognize; Mel Brooks, Robin Williams, and Greg Kinnear.

Steam powered machines, futuristic technology, and lots of gears make Robots full steam ahead. We highly recommend adding this little gem to the Netflix cue.


Robots Inspired Fashion

If you have ever wanted to be a robot, but worry all those actual gears and metal costume might be a bit confining, this under bust corset is the next best thing.

This stunning Atomic Dark Brown and Black Steam Steel Boned Underbust Corset is a brocade Steampunk underbust featuring 14 steel bones, heavy cording and a modesty panel. That means you can get your tight lacing on to your hearts desire!

It features so many leather accents, four heavy front metal clasp closures, four zip front details, and a long, metal Victoria style chain. The bottom has metal rivet details over triple cascading black faux leather. Let your inner robot our with this super-steam-loving piece. 

There you have it, our favorite 7 Steampunk movies. Have you seen them all? Which was your favorite (we're going to guess, it was Mad Max). Go ahead and let us know in the comments. If you're totally loving these corsets and need help choosing the perfect size send us an email at


A Classic Treat: Vintage Corset Looks

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Hey there Atomic Vixens!

Are you ready for a super- scrumptious, video treat? I hope so. Go right ahead and clear your schedule for the next 5 minutes.  You are not going to want to miss this.

Drumroll please: da da da da da da da da

Alright; that's enough suspense. Here's your treat:

Atomic Jane Clothing recently had the honor of seeing the one and only Miss CherryDollface (OMG!) put together some amazing, sexy, smart, vintage looks in one of her infamous Youtube videos. 

I know! Amazing right? We totally loved the tips and ideas she shared with her fans. Check it out for yourself. Don't forget to scroll down after the video for more info on the pieces Cherry wore. 



Outfit #1: The Nautical Striped Halter

Cherry made a great point. You can get two totally different looks by wearing the corset over your clothes or under. This piece is fun and versatile. The navy and white striped halter corset has matching striped lapels on the straps, a ribbon detail in front, satin bust with darts for shaping and satin trim along the lower edge.

It has a front busk closure, and a ribbon lace up back. Perfect with pants, jeans, skirt or shorts. Go anywhere in this one.

Outfit #2: The Versatile Black Underbust

Have a dress in the back of the closet that could use some new life? Add this underbust corset ontop like Cherry did to her dress. Of course you could always wear it under your clothes for cinching the waist and slimming the tummy area. 

This little corset has a clean, simple design with a four front busk closure and heavy cording in back for tight lacing.


Outfit #3: The Adorable Vintage Pink Polka Dot Corset


Cherry choose to pair this cute little number with capri pants. We "heart" this. For her second outfit, she tucked it inside high waist shorts. Wow. What a complete different look. Perfect for an easy summer outfit. 

Adorable pin-up polka dot corset has detailed, black lace overlay bra cups with underwire support, attached, pink satin belt, little bow details, and  hook and eye back closure.

Outfit #4: The Naughty Vintage Steampunk Corset

This Stunning Black Brocade Corset features a steel boned bodice with faux leather accents and a removable high neck shrug, large snap up pocket attached, zipper on the side and a lace-up panel in the back. And of course. A thong. 

Outfit #5: The Sexy Goth Halter with Cool Clasps


This black Steampunk jacquard overbust corset has a halter neckline and turn back collar, adjustable clasp behind the neck, four metal front busk closures and a "V" cut on bottom edge.

Both the top and bottom edges are trimmed in faux black leather. It features a corded lace up back and includes a matching G-string.

Did you have a favorite outfit in Cherry's video? We want to know which one! Leave a comment or shoot us an email at

Wedding Lingerie Ideas You Will Adore

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Wedding Lingerie Ideas You Will Adore


Hello Gorgeous! Wedding season is fast approaching. If you're the blushing bride then you will love our wedding lingerie planning post. The best part about wedding lingerie is, of course, the corsets. 

No need to have the figure of a lingerie model when corsets are part of the equation. By nature, they will pull your waist in and make sure you look absolutely stunning, on the most magical night of your life. 


Let's start our wedding lingerie list off strong with this breathtaking, overbust corset top. The Atomic White Satin and Lace Corset is a strapless piece with a sweetheart neckline. Many beautiful features like the lace overlays, the bows, and of course a bit of bling to compliment  your new wedding band.

You won't have any trouble getting into this one by yourself. The piece zips up the side and laces up the back with a darling white lace ribbon. Don't be afraid of adding a statement necklace. After all, you only get one wedding night. 

Be sure to wear this one again. Heck, you can even pull it out on the Honeymoon for a fabulous night on the town. Bust out the stilettos, your favorite pair of sexy jeans or skirt- and throw that hair up to make your new spouse proud to show off what a sexy wife they have. 



It wouldn't be a wedding lingerie post without a shout-out to the garter belt. Many women don't own a garter belt, and few have much experience with putting them to proper use. Garters have been used since the 1400's by both men and women. Yes, I said men. Back in the day we women weren't the only ones fussing with our stockings. 

Fast forward to the 1960's when elastic was invented (Yes, the world used to somehow get by without elastic. Mind = Blown) and garter belts lost their popularity with the masses. Doesn't mean they aren't still super sexy, and a super staple part of wedding lingerie. 

This garter belt can be clipped to any thigh-high stockings. If you don't feel like keeping with the white motif, switch it up! Try a nude, black, or any color that matches your personality. 


The Atomic White Floral One Strap Overbust Corset is our favorite piece this blog. How can you not feel like a princess while this drapes your body? Perfect for the bride who needs some extra bust support. Featuring underwire cups and lovely white, floral embellishments.

To showcase the flowers, consider a flower crown headpiece or a single floral barrette for keeping your "just done" hairstyle in place. 



You know the old saying. Something old, something new - something borrowed and something to make the booty look good. Wait? That's not how it goes? It should be!

These ruffle bloomers are adorable. I promise you, no matter what size your derriere is it will be a smash hit wearing these. 



When you choose the "Marry Me" overbust corset you get a few deluxe benefits our other recommendations on this post do not have. One benefit is the organza ruffled sleeves. For many women, the upper arm area is a sensitive subject. I mean, not all of us have Michelle Obama's super toned definition, right? However, the last thing we ever want is for you to be focusing on your arms instead of your new spouse. 

Enter this lovely piece. Ruffles, spice and everything nice...and arm coverage. Match made in wedding lingerie heaven, if you ask us. Of course you also get the definition of a corset bodice. Easy to put on (and take off *wink) with a zipper and lace back. 


While white wedding lingerie might be the usual, it's not the rule by any means. Spice up your night with a little black lace. This overbust corset top is sexy, classy and just the right amount of racy for the occasion.  The soft satin comes in an off-white shade sure to flatter every skin tone.

The scoop curve neckline is unique and perfect for the lady who doesn't have the largest cleavage but still wants to show off her sexy figure and wow her new mate.  We would highly encourage you not to throw this wedding lingerie into the panty draw and forget about it after your wedding night.

This piece can be re-purposed for everyday wear by throwing on a pair of black skinny jeans and a cardigan. 




OMGosh this piece is so pretty! We almost didn't want to include it in our wedding lingerie blog, because we think it could be worn over a slinky, slit skirt to really wow your date. But then again, who says you can only wear a corset once?

Our Atomic White Rhinestone Brooch Overbust Corset features a beautiful rhinestone brooch accent in the center bust area. Classic, delicate, and a little bit of glitz to bring eyes on the girls.

This corset zips on the side and laces up the back with a white ribbon.  Sure to please both you and the new hubby. 



While wearing a corset might be perfect for the beginning of your evening - you might be more comfortable sleeping in something still just as sexy, but a little less restrictive. And for this, we recommend the fabulous sheer babydoll halter. 

You still get some bust support - so no saggy or unattractive cleavage lines here. Getting to float around the room like an angel screaming: "We're married! We did it!" That's just an added benefit. 



Ever watch one of those old 50's movies where the lead female character is sitting at her vanity in the most elegant, sexiest robe ever? Yeah. This is that robe. 

So many fabulous details here. The bell chiffon sleeves. The lace trim. It's gorge. Perfect to cover you up before the "big reveal" of your super sexy corset. Or, for the more risque reader - it comes with a G-String. AKA - just toss this bad girl on the ground and strut your stuff. 

Best part about this darling of a piece? You know your going to use it again, and again. 

While this was technically a wedding lingerie blog post, don't be fooled. You can wear any of these pieces for any occasion, anytime you please. As always if you need help with sizing or have any questions be sure to email us at