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Sexy Costumes: How To Choose The Perfect One!

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When you think of "sexy costume" the first word that pops into your head is probably Halloween, right?

Although Halloween is prime time to show off your naughtiest side in a jaw-dropping costume, we're here to tell you that this is absolutely not the only time of year you should be flaunting all you've got!

Here at Atomic Jane, we have an incredible selection of sexy women's costumes that we believe should be rocked all. year. long.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of slipping on something that makes you feel truly beautiful, powerful, and irresistible, and every woman deserves this feeling with the perfect sexy costume!

Whether it be to spice up the bedroom or to throw on just because, we believe that you should be living out your wildest fantasies as much as humanly possible.

Because selecting a costume can be overwhelming when there is such a huge selection out there, we've compiled a little guide to help you find the absolute perfect costume for you to rock the whole year through!

We hope that this will inspire all of you vixens to make your perfect sexy costume a regular part of your lives.

Along with these ideas, we'll feature a few of our absolute favorite sexy women's costumes that we think you may drool over just as much as us. Click on any of the images below to be brought to their individual purchase pages!



There is, in fact, an art to picking out your absolutely perfect sexy costume. Your sexy costume should reflect your personality and attitude, perfectly complement your shape and style, and make you feel like a drop-dead-goddess!

Our biggest tip is to stay true to yourself and to tap into your deepest desires to really make it special!

As stated perfectly on Wikihow, wearing a costume "is a great excuse to project a side of yourself you don't usually get a chance to share if you'd like to "hide" behind something really fun, wacky or scary.

Or, the costume could emphasize a side of you that everyone already knows and loves well, such as being zany, cheeky or bright."

We all have an image we want to project to the world or to ourselves and this is your perfect chance to do it.

Whether is be spicing things up with that special someone and allowing all of your inner desires to be set free, or finally feeling that crazy confidence that has always been inside of us, a sexy costume can make anything possible.

There are no limits here so be bold, be confident, and rock it like no one else can!



After considering all we've mentioned above, it's time to set out on your search! You probably have a pretty good vision of what kind of costume you're needing in your life and a great next place to turn for ideas is Pinterest.

Type in any keyword that tickles your fancy such as "Naughty Women's Costumes" and even further solidify all of the things you've been coming up with in your head in order to prepare you for the next step: shopping!

In our very humble opinion, one great site to browse for sexy women's costumes is our website: Here are a few of our favorites we just can't wait to share with you!


Top Drawer Premium Red Sequin Devil Costume



Feast your eyes on our Top Drawer Premium Red Sequin Devil Costume!

Unleash your inner naughty girl with this stunning all glitter corset dress, complete with an unbelievably sexy sweetheart neckline and devil horns and headband.

This one is sure to help you live out all of your devilish fantasies in an oh so sexy way. This costume comes in sizes S-6XL and can be purchased on our website for $249 and ships from the US.

4 Piece Pirate Captain Costume



Up next is our to-die-for 4 Piece Pirate Captain Costume!

This one knocks our socks off and is definitely sexy enough to disarm all of your victims. This sexy costume is for all of the ladies looking to harness a powerful, confident, and badass persona while still maintaining jaw dropping femininity.

There are so many intricate details to this sexy women's costume and it comes complete with the super fun hat and sword accessories.

You'll become the woman you've always been inside once you slip this gorgeous costume on!

Head on over to our website and find this one in sizes S-6XL for $179! This also ships from the US.


Black Cutout Lace-Up Vinyl Catsuit



We'll give you a second to pick your jaw up off of the floor....this is our Black Cutout Lace-Up Vinyl Catsuit!

This is for every woman looking to unleash their inner sex kitten and to radiate confidence and strength. As if this full-length leg and arm suit isn't enough, the lace-up front and belted collar details make it over-the-top sexy!

Pick this up over on our website in one size fitting small through large, and for the unbelievable price of $39.95!

Mad Hatter Costume



How fun is this one?? Take a look at our Mad Hatter Costume, allowing you to be the flirty, sexy, and playful woman that you truly are!

The combination of the corset and glitter tutu create the perfect balance of sweet yet seductive, and will allow you to tap into all of your wildest fantasies! You will be absolute magic the moment you put this costume on.

Check this out on our website in one size fitting small through large and for only $39!



There you have it, ladies! Although there are so many sexy options for costumes to rock the whole year through, there is a method to the madness when choosing the perfect piece for you and we hope that our little guide has inspired you to follow all of your fantasies!

You have so much beauty and power within you and we can't wait to see how you harness this and express it to the world!

We've only featured four of our favorite pieces from the entire collection, but there are a lot more where these came from. Take a look at the entire Dress Up collection here!

As always, feel free to contact us with any comments or questions whatsoever at! We always love to here from you.

Until next time, happy shopping!