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Passionate About Purple

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In today’s post we are taking a look at some to die for pieces.  They all just so happen to be the same gorgeous color; purple. Besides browsing fantastic outfit inspiration, we are learning all about purple and hopefully surprise you with a bit of fun purple-trivia along the way.  If this is your favorite color you are in for a real treat. 

Royal Fashion 

Have you ever heard purple is the color of royalty? I’m here to tell you; it’s true. Back in the Byzantine Empire only the most important imperial rules wore this lovely hue. The Holy Roman Empire also used purple to signify royalty. If that isn’t enough evidence ask Japan. They associate purple with both aristocracy and the Emperor.

Feeling a bit regal but you haven’t quite locked down that European prince yet? I’ve got a few fashion ideas to hold you over.  Until you get your own purple coronation outfit. Take a look at this first piece.

This new arrival to the store is my absolute favorite. It’s soft, delicate, and just looking at it makes me feel like a queen. The mauve-purple tone is unique and creates versatile options for styling. It features a side zipper and back lacing. The satin fabric lets it feel as pretty as it looks. A pair of black skinny jeans or an A-line skirt would look amazing with this halter overbust corset. Throw a blazer and some sparkly earrings on then sit back and get ready for some royal attention.

If you want to add a bit of regal flare to your wardrobe, but can’t decide how, try these sheer purple thigh-highs. The pretty lace bands will keep them in place. Show off your legs with these subtle sexy tights.

Color Psychology

There is a whole field of advertising science dedicated to figuring out what us consumers think when we see a certain color. The field of color psychology is fascinating. Research shows that specific groups of people respond to color differently.

Have you ever been on a website that had totally conflicting neon colors and honestly you just couldn’t stand sticking around to see what they offered? Those websites, did not follow color psychology.

This corset here can be our example. What comes to mind when you see this corset? I would choose words like, Victorian, romantic, sexy and classic. Now imagine this corset was yellow and green plaid with orange polka dots. That would totally change my answer. That’s  the power color has over our perception.

The Business of Purple

Marketers and designers don’t choose colors to use in ad campaigns on a whim. Those intense Mad Men-style meetings full of whisky and cigarettes were not kidding. Advertising is serious business. 

Purple is used in advertising to mark a premium service. Think “the deluxe” package vs. the “the basic”. When used in the younger demographic, 18-27 years old, purple packaging screams; sexy and naughty. The 27 and older set view the color purple to say: superior, sophisticated and powerful.

That’s pretty amazing to think about. How many regal ads have you seen recently decked out in purple?



Want to give yourself some shape to show off your own “deluxe” packaging? Try an underbust corset. This purple underbust corset fastens in the front and laces up the back. Can be worn under clothing, but it’s so lovely I recommend showing it off over a white button up shirt or other long sleeve lightweight material items.

As a bonus, this piece can double as a waist training corset. It has steel bones, a modesty panel, and a heavy cord to lace-up. 

Magic and Mystery

Feeling a bit mysterious? Purple is the color of magic, imagination, and spirituality. So cool right? Who knew one color could so much symbolic influence.  

I’ve got the perfect mystical corset dress to spark your mysterious side. This strapless overbust corset dress can be worn for a burlesque performance, to spice up a costume, or if you are feeling a bit goth- throw on a pair of fishnets and hit the club. The sparkly brooch on the bust will guarantee you dazzle, even without adding a necklace. 


Soul philosophers consider shades of violet and purple to connect us to our higher state of consciousness.  On the spiritual side, those who study auras believe that those with a purple glow are in a state of balance and happiness.


This sheer purple overbust halter corset will put you in a state of happiness when you see how great you look in it. Sequin bling, ruffled bottom, and bows will put a smile on your face.

The Purple Eye

Let's talk make-up. 

Wearing strong colors like violet, purple, or fuchsia inspire the smokey-purple eye. Purple is the suggested go-to color when it comes to playing up green eyes, but its versatile enough to look good with any eye color or skin shade.

Highlight your new purple corset by adding a lavender smokey eye. Here is a fantastic tutorial for a simple purple eye over at isimplylovemakeup. Have some fun. Take your time and play around with different color palettes until you have found the right look for you.

Purple Hair

Our last section on the fabulous color of the day focuses on the super-hot trend, of rich crazy hair colors. Whether it’s pure purple passion or the ombre look- purple hair, is here to stay.


I think it’s safe to say, while the rest of us are drooling over how great this hair looks, no one loves purple hair more than the divine Miss Katy Perry.

Katy is an unstoppable force this days. She has been nominated for over 363 awards in the life of her career, winning 92 of them! Go Katy. Still hasn’t grabbed that Grammy (can you believe it??) but we all know she’s going to keep making great music, so it's maybe this will be her big year. 

Besides bestselling albums and sold-out tours, she also made history by being one of the select few to rule the world during her 2015 Super Bowl half-time show. Add to her list of achievements, having every color hair under the sun. Purple, being one of her favorites. Really, is there anything this woman isn’t doing?


You know what else Katy is a huge fan of? I'll give you a hint. Something that shows off her sexy hourglass figure, always flatters her, yet still comfortable enough for her to dance on stage for hours. If you guessed corsets, you win!

I've chosen this last corset especially with Katy in mind. I think she would love the front clasps and showing off her waist in this one. And of course, because it's Katy we are talking about- pants are optional. For everyone else- pair this with a skirt and get ready to feel sexy!

Have you been rocking the royal/ mysterious/ power-infused purple lately? Let us know in the comments if purple is your favorite and of course which corset you loved the most. If you need any help choosing the perfectly purple outfit, send us an email at  

We are always available to answer your questions on size, shipping, or all things corset.