Corset Wearing & History

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Corsets have been the center of women’s fashion since the 16th century. Before this time, the beautiful shape that corsets allow for were highly esteemed, but the technology to design corsets was unavailable. Since their first appearance in the 1500s, however, they have continually defined the ideal woman’s body. Every few generations, the shapes of the corsets would change, and with them changed how women wanted to be seen. However, whatever their specific design may have been, the general purpose was to as delicately and comfortably as possible, appraise and highlight women’s figures. Specially designed to pinch at the waist, show off the hips and push up at the breast-line, corsets exaggerated the curves that every woman naturally has. The royalty of the 16th centuries and on, were aware of the high class style that a corset resulted in, and required all their royal associates (the women of course ) to wear the snuggest and most beautifully designed corsets. Although, since they first made an appearance in fashion, they went through several stages of evolution and change. By the Victorian era the hourglass figure (similar to today) was the shape that every woman aspired to and no woman who had any kind of dignity would be seen in public without a corset.

First class citizens of the Western World, well aware of the importance of corsets would spend fortunes on designing breathtaking embroidered and laced corsets that women allow women to have movements, comfort but irresistible beauty. This carried over into the following years and at the onset of the 20th century, corsets were recognized as a sign of femininity, class and prestige. Special corsets were designed for unique appearances and events for royalty and some of them are found in famous museums today. The biggest testimony of their timelessness is the fact that after over 400 years of existence, corsets are still regarded as a symbol of female beauty, seductiveness, and cultural class.

Today corsets can be bought in all shapes, colors, sizes and materials. The technologies of the modern world have allowed the design of ideal corsets; some of which even the richest of the rich of the centuries past could not imagine.  With this kind of attention to unique differences that every woman has, more and more female are discovering the kind of self-confidence that corsets instill. For many women this means looking beautiful, being comfortable and feeling attractive all day without the pain of constant dieting and rigorous exercising. As they have for the past centuries, corsets are defining women’s beauty and re-enforcing the fact that having curves, and being proud of what makes us feminine is the way to go.

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