5 Unique Halloween Makeup Tutorials: Our Favorites For 2017!

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Atomic Jane Unique Halloween Makeup

With Halloween just around the corner, we can't help but be ridiculously excited about all things spooky and sexy. There are so many possibilities for creativity when it comes to your Halloween attire, extending further than just what costume you're going to wear this year!

The options are virtually endless when it comes to Halloween makeup, a trend that has been on the rise over the past few years. That pop of detail is just what you need to give your ensemble that extra kick!

It was hard to choose just five, but we've wrangled together a little playlist of our absolute favorite unique Halloween makeup trends for this year. Each of these goddesses has done an incredible job of bringing these characters to life and we just can't wait for you to take a look and try them out yourself!

Let's go!


1. Glam Glitter Skull : ByJeannine

How incredible is this? A hauntingly beautiful take on the classic skull makeup, ByJeannine does an amazing job of making scary, sexy. Follow her step by step tutorial and make this Halloween one to be remembered!


2. Creepy Clown Girl : Emma Cervin

Just look at those eyes! A little eerieness and a lot of sexiness makes this unique Halloween makeup look one for the books. We absolutely love Emma's take on the classic clown costume, and we think this is such a cool option to take your Halloween look to the next level.


3. Glam Pirate : SMLx0

Ahoy, Mateys! Giving some serious Pirates of the Caribbean vibes, this unique Halloween makeup tutorial will give you all of the tips and tricks you need to be the Glam Pirate of your dreams! We think this look is so incredibly fun and just the thing to turn your pirate look up a notch.


4. Gypsy Fortune Teller : Kasey Rayton

This one is an absolute show stopper! People won't be able to look away when they see you in this incredibly sexy and dramatic look inspired by Kasey Rayton. Follow her steps and we bet others will be looking deep into your eyes!


5. Cleopatra : iluvsarahii

Last but not least, have a look at this incredibly beautiful take on Cleopatra by iluvsarahii! We absolutely love the surprising pops of color used here with the gold lip and the striking blue eye. You're certain to turn heads in this super sexy and unique Halloween makeup look!


What's Next?

We hope that these amazing tutorials have left you feeling super inspired to make one of these looks your own! Halloween is such a great time to express your creativity and all of the most beautiful, spooky, and sexy sides of yourself. Have fun with it!

To get you even more in the Halloween mood, check out our recent post on our favorite Sexy Princess Halloween Costumes for 2017 or head on over to check out our Atomic Jane Halloween Costumes and let your imagination run wild!

We have so many amazing options in store this year and can't wait for you to take a look.

As always, feel free to contact us at support@atomicjaneclothing.com for any comments or questions regarding this post or anything in general! We love to hear from you.

Until next time, Happy Halloweening Atomic Fans!

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